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Joseph Kaminski

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April 23, 2019


Who is Joseph Kaminski?

I’m a history student. I write about history, philosophy, sociology, social psychology, progressive politics, and old books. I’m a future educator, and I am currently an underappreciated author, sometimes-student-teacher, and a coffee aficionado.

I supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries and reluctantly voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election of 2016. I label myself as a progressive – I’m pro-environmental, pro-living wage, pro-single payer healthcare, pro-free college. I know that global warming is real, that the Earth isn’t flat, that the U.S. private prison industry is legalized slavery, that neoliberalism is killing the Democratic Party, and that history and sociology are perhaps the two most important subjects our society has yet ignores.

Twitter: @publishingminds
Instagram: @historypolitics
Facebook: joe.kaminski.73
Mastodon: @josephkaminski
Snapchat: is stupid.