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September 20, 2019

Trump’s Racist Comments on African, Caribbean Nations Put Him on the United Nation’s Hotseat

Trump makes rather embarrassing international headlines yet again with his racist remarks against immigrants who come from “shithole” nations in Africa and the Caribbean. America was based on the idea of diversity, a country that birthed itself from a revolutionary concept that swept the late 18th century and led to the “democratic” so-called American values that were sure to fall over the process of the next one hundred years or so through political partisanship. As USA Today published, there would be no America had it not been for countries similar to the ones Trump has been openly against. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” means nothing if you’re going to make the poor poorer and discriminate against anyone in the world who doesn’t look like and think like you.

Trump suggested the US should bring more immigrants from Norway, not “shithole” countries “like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations”. It’s really simple. If you want people from places “like Norway” to move to a place like America, you have to strive to make a place like America provide benefits that places “like Norway” do. If Trump really wants this, he’ll boost infrastructure, education, wages, and healthcare. But here’s the thing: Trump doesn’t want that, he just wants to be racist.

Rupert Colville, UN Spokesperson.

Rupert Colville, UN Spokesperson.

“There is no other word you can use but racist” said UN Spokesperson Rupert Coleville. Although Trump rose through the hypocrisy of news media headlines throughout his campaign, going as far back as June 2015 – it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly three years – it appears that these comments were the final straw for United Nations members. From calling out Mexico to Morocco and every country in the middle east (that don’t have connections to Trump’s hotels), his supporters have essentially remained beside him to “get back” at the last eight years of having to deal with Barack Obama.

Six months after 9/11, when the Maasai people of Kenya first heard of the event, 14 “sacred” cows were given as a gift to the people of America. It was the most valuable and precious thing that they could send off from their incredibly small village. These people, who live with no running water, no electricity, and no signs of “Americanized” life were pictured holding banners reading “To the people of America, we give these cows to help you” as they played the U.S. national anthem. To Donald Trump, these men and women would be classified as terrible people who live in “shithole” countries. To Donald Trump, these people are the “rapists and terrorists” of the world and offer no value to the American way – whatever that “American way” must be. Trump, along with his administration, has shown us that his “American way” is to be deplorably racist.

Donald Trump Racist

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