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November 21, 2019

Corporatism, the Political Zombie

The Democratic Party elites and corporatist shills have spent the last few months preaching “unity” and “moving forward” while hypocritically bashing the progressive wing that has proven itself to be necessary in order to win actual elections. Let me be frank: the Democratic Party, the political affiliation I have found myself to be apart of in the bipartisanship of America, has been on a horrifying losing streak; and based on the information and observations at hand, the losing streak is just getting started. Corporatism has been on a steady decline in terms of popularity, and things will not go back to how they used to be.

Under 44th President Barack Obama, the corporatist-controlled center of the party has lost 1000+ legislative seats. It turns out, when a candidate runs a progressive grassroots campaign that promises to bring messages like “hope” and “change”…the constituents actually expect you to be a People’s President. Barack Obama, when compared to the train-wreck administration lodged on either side of him (Bush before and Trump after), can be seen as a rather positive spark in American politics; but we will not know his place in history for at least a decade or so. Many “effects” in the presidential cause and effect flowchart don’t find themselves being filled in until well after their departure from the West Wing. As of right now, it may seem easy to jump up and defend Obama’s legacy. Please remember, the legacy isn’t quite ready to be defended yet.

To any member of the Democratic Party who finds this appalling, please think back to the 2008 election cycle to how you felt when Republicans were praising W. Bush and defending his legacy. How appalling did that sound to you? Now suck it up, you partisan hacks, and realize that every President – whether they be Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, etc – has done some horrible deeds during their time in office. I’d like to remind any of the Obamacrats in the social media resistance that their beloved previous President basically handed Trump a turnkey tyranny through the normalization of drone warfare that led to the deaths of 117 civilians.

Barack Obama (Corporatism)It should also be recognized that Republicans are in no place to call Barack Obama the “worst President” that America has ever seen. He didn’t allow a major terrorist attack to happen on national soil, nor did he wage a crusade against American journalism (those acts belong to their guys). I do honestly believe that one hundred years from now, Barack Obama will go down in history as a corporatist hack that threw progressive bones into the doghouse of American politics every now and again. Yes, he will be remembered as being in power when the legalization of gay marriage went through the Supreme Court. Yes, he will be remembered for his Affordable Care Act (a lukewarm “step in the right direction” type of bill that could have easily been a single payer plan that he could have passed in a once-Democratic majority). Yes, he will be remembered as being the first black President in an era of police brutality, racial injustice, and rampant racism. But history will also remember how, under the Obama administration, Democrats lost the country and their vision.

Lets just get past the immense amounts of legislative losses throughout the last eight years or so. Let’s look at the elephant in the room: the 2016 Election. Literally everyone thought that Hillary Clinton would be our 45th President. Even die-hard Bernie supporters like myself admitted that the Vermont Senator’s bid for the Presidency was a long-shot that existed as a step for the “Political Revolution”. It seemed as if the five ring “Republican circus” was going to be unable to unite itself under a single candidate; and let it now be known – Democrats fall in love with their preferred candidates…Republicans fall in line behind them.

Well, fast forward. Trump became a massive threat, and it became clear in the closing months of the election cycle that Hillary wasn’t going to be able to just waltz into the Oval Office. The corporatist Democrats ignored all warnings, stayed in their elitist pundit-filled bubble, and lost big time to a loud-mouthed, openly racist, overtly misogynist, elderly reality television star and his nationally hated, white-haired yes man who wants to “shock the gay” out of gays.

You’d think that the Democratic Party would understand that the party needs to revise their “vision”. It sounds like a no-brainer, but they haven’t. The highest ranks of the Democratic Party are the people who were in Hillary Clinton’s inner-most circles before the electoral bubble popped. We’re seeing high-ranking Clinton advisers, advertisers, and supporters with the same failing ideologies prop up the husk of a once-successful party and prepare to slam it into the ground in the upcoming midterm elections.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader and high-ranking representative in the midst of elitist corporatism, came out and denounced the progressive wing of the party by stating that “the party doesn’t want a new direction“. Massive fundraising efforts by Wall Street corporations have turned to smug shills like Cory Booker.

While many political faces braced for a swift neoconservative takeover of the legislative branch and began preparing to fight against Trump’s bizarre, alt-right-esque, loosely-fitted, and crack-potted agenda, Hillary Clinton decided to spend her first few months out of the political spotlight hiking around the woods. Her daughter, Chelsea, tried sparking up some social media attention by “fighting back” against the president through snarky comments on the internet. Now, Hillary is attempting to step back into relevance…and perhaps in the worst way possible: through fundraising.

Hillary wants to use a Super PAC called Onward Together as a fundraising middleman between rich donors and establishment candidates. This is quite the interesting and hilarious turn, because if you think back to May of this year…

In an interview shortly after launching the PAC in May 2017, she criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and implied it was useless during her presidential campaign. “I mean it was bankrupt. It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong,” she said. “I had to inject money into it.” Thus, she essentially told her billionaire donors that the DNC was a liability and they should donate to her Super PAC instead.

Source: Observer

The same scummy Super PAC that hoarded money for Clinton during the election will in turn provide monetary support to Clinton-esque Democrats that are sure to lose their seats in the upcoming election cycle.

I’m done putting it nicely. Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal, nepotistic war-hawk who has had two failed attempts at running for the Presidency (in ’08 against Obama and in ’16 against Sanders and Trump). She is a corporate shill that has no clear vision. In any political campaign – good or bad – the voters should be able to identify major parts of a campaign’s foundation. Hillary Clinton lacked that. The only thing she preached on was “I’m With Her”, “I’m a woman”, and the occasional bone-throwing to a base that already didn’t trust her.

Hillary Clinton (Corporatism)She was not about public policy, she ignored the winds of the general public, and she ran to the right in a random attempt to recruit disgruntled Republican voters to counterbalance the fact that many “Bernie Bros” couldn’t stand her. She was the living definition of a flipflop sandal, with her opinions changing based on if the “winds” blew in her favor. She chose a breathing egg salad sandwich on white bread as a Vice President who had the speaking patterns of monochrome paint drying on an asbestos-filled wall.

She was against gay marriage until gay marriage was deemed “cool” by society. She was pro-fracking all the way through her campaign. She’s an interventionist who believed in American exceptionalism and the spread of an American Empire. She puts donors above voters, and she thought her plan was so unbeatable that she could just skip campaigning in key states – with many of them blatantly against her in the primaries and turning to Trump in the general.

And all this is coming from a leftist Floridian who cast his vote for her in the general election. I forced myself, because I’m in a swing state, to vote for the lesser of two evils. I must make myself clear: I won’t be doing that again. Neoliberalism is a dying art in politics, and its outdated methodology won’t win elections anymore. Hillary’s half-baked attempt to dump millions of dollars into the campaigns of those who are just like her is the perfect way to identify the problem. Stop using Super PACs, stop taking corporate money and voting in favor of corporate interests, and stop voting against socially and economically progressive policies that have proven to be popular among your constituents. Watch: What Hillary Clinton Did Wrong

If Cory Booker (the Big Pharma shill), Tim Kaine (the aforementioned egg salad sandwich), or Chelsea Clinton (the nepotistic no-hit-wonder) manages to win the 2020 primaries? The Democratic Party might just end up like the Whigs: caught between progressivism and neoliberalism. And neoliberalism will not win. 

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