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November 21, 2019

The Resistance: A Failing Neoliberal Fracture

There’s been a lot of talk about the alt-right in recent months. We’ve had our eyes on the current disaster laid out by neocons and neocon-lites that we haven’t really had much time to analyze the differences between the ‘fracturing left’. A long time ago on the site, I talked about how political parties can fracture and see different ideologies – oftentimes ones that disagree with each other more than they would across the partisan line. In turn, said fracturing party can have a difficult time doing basic tasks like rallying behind national ‘leaders’ and passing a compromising platform.

In a historical sense, you can think of the Whigs – the defunct and collapsed party that preceded the earliest form of Republicanism that fell into the cracks of political obscurity after being unable to create a party stance on slavery. Of course, many different factors came into play when it comes to the Whigs; but the specter that haunted the Whig party would be their inability to pick between the masses of pro-slavery and anti-slavery members.

History may not replicate itself as to be perfectly identifiable to the naked eye, but running themes and a ‘domino effect’ definitely show us that history rhymes what it already knows. It’s rather narcissistic for our society to feel like it is immune to change, especially as change happens around us on a day to day basis. Our technology appears more and more superior (compared to the entire written recollections of our own history) on a daily basis; our medical and biological breakthroughs have lengthened the human lifespan eightfold; and our scientific progress has brought us to the moon and back.

Yes, science has made our society more marvelous than ever before. Science is getting close to the point where nothing could be impossible! A scientist may soon be able to clone a Tyrannosaurus Rex…but, it will be a historian who will (try) tell society that might not be such a great idea. Most of the time, however, society just won’t listen. So, on a scale of understanding politics, I bring forward how modern day politics are slowly tripping down the slippery slope of our very own historical mistakes. Some may perceive events such as Trump’s election and BREXIT as the rise of 21st century nationalism (or fascism, if you’re picky). Others may see the rise of progressivism as a push for a New New Deal. Overall, the parallels between then and now are crystal clear…as long as you’re willing to drop the modernist sophistication and bittersweet nostalgia for a brief moment.

I should say that I’m bound to make people mad with this post. It’s gotten to the point where political ideologies are clung onto as hard as a Medievalist (or evangelical, either or at this point) would hold onto their personal religion. Conservatives love to mock ‘libtards’, and liberals love to mock ‘cuckservatives’. The internet is full of different name-calling arguments full of logical extremes, ad hominem screeching, and illogical flaws that come from ‘fake news’ and click-bait headlines. Anonymity and the security many people feel behind a screen keep the hegemony going. Twitter is nothing more than a chaotic tornado of different beliefs. Just one internet-based political argument these days is enough to ignite a temper-tantrum-panic-attack that will ruin your perspective of humanity.

But, enough about that. I’d like to get back to my point: the ‘fracturing left’. Well over a year ago, I wrote an article depicting the “five ring circus” within the Republican Party. Essentially, the pundit-backed concept stated that there were so many different ideologies within the right-winged American political party that it was due to blow at any moment. Think of it this way: so many different ideologies crammed into a governmental entity that, since 2008, dedicated itself to being anti-government. It’s bound to fall apart at the seams, right?

Cue a gruelingly long election cycle with a devastating ending. Perhaps a different mentality must be remembered: Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line when it comes to rallying behind their candidates. Trump’s in the White House with abysmal polling numbers, but with so many beautiful and legitimate opportunities to point out the actual negativity behind the most secretive, the most wealthiest, and possibly the most corrupt administration in American history…the left remains unable to change much at all in the atmosphere of American politics. It is no longer the right that should be viewed as a crumbling group of inbred infighting, but rather the modern left instead.

Let me make this clear: the Democratic Party is close to being obsolete. The Republican Party currently holds numerical majorities in thirty-three legislatures. For those who might not be aware of what this means, the Republican Party is only one shy of the two-thirds that are required to initiate a convention on constitutional amendments. Essentially, one rogue Democrat could currently side with any Republican measure. At that point, a whole string of nonsense and numbers happens. Worst case scenario? By 2018 – if the Republicans dominate in the midterm elections – gay marriage could theoretically be re-banned, abortion could technically be outlawed; and most frightening of them all? Term limits could be eradicated or established on any front. Highly unlikely, as partisan agendas do have their limits, but still frightening nonetheless.

In recent years, the political platforms have once again climbed upon the pendulum of social and economic idealism to begin the swap that occurred decades prior. The Republican Party has adopted fauxgressive populism, encouraging the so-called blue rust-belt to vote in favor of their economic interests despite going back on all promises to Make Americans Great Again. The Democratic Party has developed into a hawkish, corporatist party filled with Big Pharmaceutical shills and lobbyists that serve no purpose other than to increase their own paychecks. The 2016 election, the disaster it may have been, opened the eyes to political platitudes that are shaping right before our own generations’ eyes. – From my currently unpublished paper/thesis on the history of neoliberalism in modern day America. © Joseph Kaminski

In a sense, the ‘mainstream’ (or blue-pilled, depending on the perspective) Democratic Party is failing. It’s turning into the modern day Whig Party on more than one level. Neoliberalism becoming obsolete as a political platform, with more and more ‘typical’ voters being affected by decades of centrism and corporatism. It seems as if the knee-jerk reaction for many “Republican” voters is that they would rather endorse full on fascism in the form of a middle schooler as a way out of their current situation rather than electing in another corporatist shill.

Think of it this way: Bernie Sanders recently held a town hall-style meeting in the middle of West Virginia to address some of the critical issues that affect the state. In the middle of a typically conservative state, the self-proclaimed coal state, a self-defined “socialist” in-reality “social democrat” found himself receiving rounds of applause. Here’s some interesting commentary on the topic from Kyle Kulinski’s internet commentary show Secular Talk:

When conservative-minded folk in the middle of “Trump Country” hear a progressive attitude on economics, they feel as if they’re connected to the political message. It’s not “scary socialism”, as corporatism and conservatism have tricked the general public into perceiving it as; it’s a capitalism-lite way of making sure that the people have a way of life. Whether it be through free (or in some cases, simply affordable) healthcare, education, and job security…the messages progressives have are proven to be true and leave imprints on people that are willing to listen in the United States.

Neoliberalism absolutely demolishes any societal positive perception of liberal policy to those who don’t accept the cult of personality behind “charismatic” leaders such as Obama and Clinton and to those who don’t receive payment from the Big Businesses who rally behind the wealthiest of both parties and their leadership; and that brings me to the first (and one of the newest/rebranded) fracture within the current Democratic Party: the so-called Resistance on websites like Twitter.

What is The Resistance? I’m bound to lose longtime readers because of this simple yet true thought. The Resistance is a fucking failure. A neoliberalist cult branded by personality recognition patterns and centrist policies that ignores any sort of hypocritical or problematic statements coming from their own so-called “allies”. Think of the following statement from a rather popular resistance bot that shills itself out to sell #notmypresident T-shirts:

Before I talk about the obvious moral flaw behind this poorly constructed tweet, I have to mention something about the #NotMyPresident #ImpeachTrump crew within The Resistance: you can’t impeach him if he’s not your president.

Now, imagine being so unaware of political morality that you’re willing to support the concept of beheading someone – anyone – just because you don’t like someone else on a political scale. Imagine how “The Resistance” must feel about terrorist groups like ISIS if they’re willing to blindly go along with a failed “joke” depicting the bloody beheading of an incumbent president; and before anyone says anything: it really doesn’t matter if the other side did it firstIt’s childish to make that argument. It’s hypocritical to be offended by something and then turn right around and do the exact same thing. Republicans and Democrats both do it, and “The Resistance” cannot claim moral superiority if they play along with it.

The majority of “Resistance” members seem to be Clinton supporters who were shocked beyond belief that their “Queen” could ever lose, fauxgressives that do nothing more than cause infighting between ‘liberal’ ideologies, and elitist DNC hacks like Peter Daou who seem to have more problems with Bernie supporters than actual fascists. Their biggest ringleader seems to be Star Trek obsessed man who seems to only exist to share the same tweets over and over again and to host “follow for follow parties” to boost his own page – the first few of which I participated in, smiling the entire way, to boost my own page. A few “government insider” accounts may or may not simply be pretending for 15 minutes of fame.

From what my timeline and personal experience shows, they are NOT progressive. They are not even anti-Republican. The majority of the so-called “Resistance” are just merely “anti-Trump”, even to the point where they encourage a Mike “Electrocute the Gays Until They’re Straight” Pence presidency if it means Trump gets impeached. Paul Manafort, Trump’s second failure of a campaign manager, literally chose Pence to be Vice President so that a hardcore, traditionalist Republican agenda would still blindly enter the White House should any of the immense charges against Trump actually break through the Republican-majority Congress.

Let this be an official call-out against The Resistance. It’s nothing more than a fracturing, anti-progressive movement that has proven to be more anti-Bernie, more anti-“leftist”, and more anti-unity that any other “movement” within the Left. It doesn’t help that progressives themselves are fracturing among the DSA, Independents, so-called “Berniecrats”, the Green Party, etc; but when high ranking DNC members claim that “nothing needs to change” and Resistance members spend just as much time calling out progressives as they do supporting literally anything labeled as anti-Trump, then we’re doomed to see the Democratic Party continue the fracturing well into the midterm cycle of 2018.

I’ll put it down easy for people that are still in a 2016 storm of denial: 2018 isn’t going to be a cake walk for Democrats, especially neoliberal shills that the party is perpetuating into power.

DNC Neoliberals, blinded by the loss: “Don’t worry. We’ll take back everything in 2018.”

Justice Democrats and Other Leftists: “You said that – literally word for word – in 2016 and 2014 and 2012… You also realize more Democratic seats in the Senate are open for reelection in 2018 than Republican seats, therefore statistically you’re going to lose more than gain more – the best case scenario you stay the same. Here, take a look for yourself:

2018 Senate Map

DNC Neoliberals: “WE’LL WIN IN 2018!!!!!”

Nancy Pelosi:I don’t think Democrats want a new direction…

2018: Republicans gain an absolute full majority after several corporate neoliberal Democrats lose their already weakened seats. Justice Democrats, already producing lackluster candidates to begin with, fail in primaries due to lack of support by the DNC.

DNC Neoliberals, blinded by the loss: “2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll take back everything in 2020!!!!!!!!!”

I feel like this state of endless denial is what will set up loss after loss until the Democratic Party falls into the historical slot that the Whigs did two centuries ago. The party is in desperate need for a new direction, a progressive one that is being brutally ignored by corporatist, insider hacks, pundit idiots who failed to predict the outcome of the election, and members of “The Resistance”; and those four groups have quite the overlap.

A year ago? I urged for compromise between the fracturing ideologies of progressivism and neoliberalism.

If Hillary Clinton swings right in the general election against Trump? That will be when I bite my tongue and take back my statements on 2016 destroying historical precedent. Most liberal candidates swing left in the primaries but run back to the center right during the general. If she continues that trend, I’ll revoke my support and realign myself based on whatever the general may look like at the time. I live in a swing state, though. So, I might have to choose the “lesser” of two centers.

Read more: A Message From A Sanders Supporter Who Will Vote For Clinton

I warned Hillary and her supporters not to run to the right. She decided she would rather listen to pundits with biased polling numbers and completely ignore the growing progressive base of the party. I broke down and personally voted for her in an attempt to prevent the Trump Train in my home state of Florida. Let me be clear: if another neoliberal shill like Cory Booker or Tim Kaine win the primaries in 2020? I will not vote for them. My opinion on compromising with any hand leaning towards neoliberalism in the new age platform has been thrown out the window after the dumpster fire that was 2016.

To finish this article off, I’d like to link two episodes of my short-lived political podcast, the Broletariat. 

In Episode 1, we talk about neoliberalism becoming obsolete as a political platform, which split off into the overarching gun issue in American society and how that illustrates the point that the Democrats make minor concessions that don’t matter to most people rather than focus on the issues that do. Basically, Episode 1 can be summed up as “the fundamental problems with neoliberalism”…

…and in Episode 2, we talk about the mismanagement of the DNC, where the party can go from where it currently stands, the definition of a progressive’s “ideal” Democratic Party, and what we as a society can expect in 2018 and 2020 if things keep going at the rate that they are.

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  1. Frank Doe
    July 2, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Joe’s rants are incredibly intellectual.

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