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November 18, 2019

The Broletariat [Episode 1]: Neoliberalism, Tangentially

The Broletariat Podcast is a completely unscripted and unedited (and possibly incoherent) podcast consisting of Joseph Kaminski, Elijah Hintz, and Omar Wajeeh. We are not communists; the logo is situational irony. What’s situational irony? Beats us. Probably like a fire station burning down or something. Sounds like us.

Disclaimer: this is not going to be as professional as previous projects on this site.

Broletariat LogoWe’re currently deciding what to do schedule wise for this podcast; but for the next few weeks we think we’re going to try regular uploads on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sounds good? Great.

Omar decided he wanted to watch the Super Bowl (and get disappointed), and we decided we wanted to bulk record a few episodes in a row. So, in short, welcome to the Joe and Elijah show for this week. Very professional first canon episode, right?

We talk about neoliberalism becoming obsolete as a political platform, which split off into the overarching gun issue in American society and how that illustrates the point that the Democrats make minor concessions that don’t matter to most people rather than focus on the issues that do. Basically, this episode can be summed up as “the fundamental problems with neoliberalism”.

Oh, and just in case you’re 10 years old or something, we use language during this podcast that might not be suitable for kids that shouldn’t be using them. So, you’ve been warned. NSFW-L or something. Other than that, enjoy using us as background noise.

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