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November 21, 2019

Trump’s Turnkey Tyranny and Obama’s Drones

We must not propagate Barack Obama’s eight year tenure as President until we understand the consequences behind everything in his term. Democrats – do not shout about how 44 was the “greatest president in recent memory” just yet. Republicans – do not refer to how 44 was the “worst president in American history” just yet…or ever, for that matter. One thing must be clear: Barack Obama is neither the greatest or worst president to take reigns of the country. Had Obama not fallen between men like Bush and Trump, he would go down in history as a lukewarm presidency…perhaps being remembered in one hundred years as “the first black President”, “the guy during gay marriage being legalized nationally”, and not much else.

Now, don’t get the wrong message out of this. Both of those memories are amazing. Worth being remembered for, in all aspects. What worries me is that because Obama sits between 43 (who allowed 9/11 to happen and plunged the US Empire into the Middle East for no reason) and 45 (who is already breaking records of unpopularity and rivaling the corruption records of 18 and 29), history will be kinder than necessary to him.

If Obama’s presidency were to be given a report card, I believe he’d fall somewhere between the D+ and C- mark on terms of promises, morality, and progressivism. If you haven’t watched Kyle Kulinski’s video “Breaking down the Obama Presidency”, I highly recommend it.

This article isn’t focused on what Obama did “good”, what Obama did “bad”, and what we really can’t say about Obama’s term in office yet. This article is focused on one Obama policy – one that will most definitely fall into what history will frown upon. I’m talking about what Barack Obama brought to the so-called war against terror: the normalization of drone warfare that led to the deaths of 117 civilians.

The United States forces was allowed to conduct a total of 53 drone strikes against “extremists”, including U.S. citizens.

Back in 2013, the U.S. Justice Department confirmed that four American citizens, including cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, had been killed by CIA drone strikes since 2009. We. Have. Constitutional. Law. I don’t care if there’s a Democrat or Republican in power. The constitutional law and the court system in American society is what rules over trial and conviction against civilians, not the decision by a single man to blow someone out of existence from the fucking sky. 

The American government seemed to have accidentally kill people with this drone warfare as well. It appears that 90% of drone strikes under Obama’s administration didn’t hit their initial intended targets!

U.S. officials said they did not realize until weeks later that two civilians had died in the attack — kidnapped aid workers Warren Weinstein of Maryland and Giovanni Lo Porto of Italy — despite assurances from the CIA at the time of the operation that only al-Qaeda fighters were present. – Obama apologizes for attack that killed two hostages

For the most part, we didn’t hear much obstruction towards this illegal drone movement from the Democratic Party because the Democrats trusted Barack Obama’s administration with this sort of power.

While that in of itself is horrific…now it’s time to realize who has that power now.

Donald Trump’s administration has control of a now normalized method of illegal murder. Drone strikes are terroristic. Imagine how we would feel if we couldn’t walk outside without fear of Russian or Chinese drones appearing out of thin air and blasting us into smithereens. Now you know how Pakistani, Iraqi, etc. citizens feel about American drones.

If Donald Trump and Sean Spicer – who combined have about 1/3 the speaking capabilities their predecessors in office had – came up with the drone strike policies themselves? How would the American people – especially Democrats – reacted towards this militaristic policy?

Obama handed the keys to what could easily be a terror-fueled tyranny. Trump’s administration, if they felt like it, only needs to turn the key to the right to unlock what could very well be a horrific slaughter of anyone against the presidency. This is 21st century terrorism, this is 21st century fascism, this is 21st century corruption, and this is 21st century suppression. 

If you, for some god awful reason, think drone warfare is necessary despite knowing now that most drone strikes miss their targets and end up killing innocent people instead, then I encourage you to watch the following video: Drone Operators Killed Children, Called Them ‘Fun-Size Terrorists’. That was under Barack Obama…how do you think it’s going to be under someone like Donald Trump?

Trump's Drones!


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