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October 14, 2019

The Discharge of Blue Dogism and The New Gilded Age

As I’ve been discussing for the past few months, Americans are currently witnessing the end of an era for political elitism. The 2016 election cycle will go down in history as unprecedented; as concerning as the rise of Hitler during downdraught Germany and as destructive as the fall of Constantinople in 1453 was to the Roman Empire. It is, however, important for the average American to open their eyes and realize that this election has the possibility of setting precedent despite being unprecedented itself.

What has this election done for Americans? Well, it’s set course for a neo-Fascist ideologue, supported by the strings of foreign embezzlement and a corrupt cabinet of corporatism, to shadow over the course of social and economic progress that the majority of Americans have been rallying up behind for the past few decades. We’ve thrown tolerance out of the window because of rising conservative ‘values’. The process of shunning out entire groups of humankind – rallying the minority political voter behind a scutum of hatred rooted in fear – is already plunging past what we deem as constitutional.

In short, history will frown upon the late 2010’s as much as it frowns upon the late 1930’s.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories claiming that a George Orwellian type of a dystopian future is upon us. I fully believe that the American people – those rooted themselves in progressivism and the striving for justice – will prevent a military police state, theocratic regime, or complete oligarchy from reforming the American system past the liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness that created the fundamental foundation for America itself. If these American citizens ignore their constitutional responsibilities, however, then we might as well mark in the history books that civilization has lost to unjust fear and racism.

In recent months, I’ve turned to neoliberalism and centrism as the causes of the rise of this neo-fascism and the theocratic thresholds that can be socially labelled as Trump and Pence. After so many years of centrism caused by rising conservatism within the political realm, Americans have had enough. The so-called radical platforms of politics – those of progressive policies and radical racism – are appearing more tantalizing to the masses.

Rising conservatism has forced the former left to find themselves in positions that Republicans themselves held back in the 1970’s. Thus, this neo-liberal platform of corporatism and elitism has forced the American left to rally behind candidates that are bashed through propaganda. The media, funded by these corporations that themselves fund the candidates Americans are already so tired of, tried their best to put down the ‘pied piper candidates’ that centrists saw no power in.

Rising conservatism forced the Democrats to adopt Reagan’s ideas. Rising conservatism forced the Democrats to adopt Blue Dog centrism. Rising conservatism led to the Democrats (and Republicans alike) adopting neoliberal platforms in politics. Conservative Democrats – a platform for neoliberalism as a whole – are a dying breed, similar to compassionate conservatism.

Formed in 1995, the Blue Dog Coalition gave a platform for the “conservative Democrats” that had compromised with the Republican masses after the brutal loss Democrats felt during the 1994 Congressional elections. These Blue Dogs have done nothing but seek compromise between liberalism and conservatism while pushing the left further right, testing the limits of lukewarm neoliberalism.

Liberals within the Democratic Party have done their part against this push for conservatism in the party by promoting primary challenges against Blue Dogism.  Think of these so-called Democrats as “Republicans in Democratic Clothing”, unfit centrists that do next to nothing for the true liberals within the party.

Hillary Clinton is one of these moderate Republicans in Democratic Clothing. I have referred to Hillary Clinton as several things throughout the 2016 election cycle:

  • a McLiberal with liberalism as real as the chicken in most fast food sandwiches;
  • a corporatist neoliberal;
  • a lukewarm centrist;
  • a conservative-minded socialite;
  • a robotic politician; an out-of-touch elitist;
  • an old-era politician;
  • a fauxgressive populist;
  • one of the most recognized yet most terrible candidate in recent history;
  • the last neoliberal in office;
  • a Republican in Democrat’s clothing;

but I’ve always referred to her as the final chance for centrism to stop someone like Donald Trump from coming into power.

I will be the first so-called “Bernie Bro” to tell you that Hillary Clinton, immensely centrist and unpopular as she may be in the progressive world, would have been better than Donald Trump as President of the United States. Her Vice Presidential candidate was horrifically flawed, her proposed cabinet would have had me foaming at the mouth, and her elitist policies would have held up history’s promise of her being “the last neoliberal in office”.

I’ve always disagreed with the idea of “Bernie or Bust”. Bernie would have run a mile for us, Hillary would have walked an inch, and Donald Trump is already completing his promise of running backwards and blindfolded eighty miles. We got “Bust”, and we’re about to see what “Bust” actually means.

The one true success that Americans have already started witnessing in this new age of neo-fascism is the rise of the protest. From the massively successful Women’s March after Inauguration Day to the quickly formed march against the Ban on Muslims this past week: we are witnessing a social movement that will historically rival that of Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage. These protests show just how anti-far-right the American public is; and from these protest will rise a new progressive culture that will fight right-wing radicalism and centrism in our modern day society.

The Blue Dog Democrats are an endangered breed of their own species. They’ve been defeated by far-right candidates riding the rising wave of radical conservative, and they’re beginning to be primaried out by progressive idealism. The death of Blue Dogism and conservative Democratic compromising is upon us. With the massive downfall of centrism in the Senate this past decade, the rise of ‘Berniecrats’ within the party, and the push from millennials to get our social and economic policies back on a New Deal track, we are beginning to leave the era that history will refer to as a New Gilded Age.

Blue Dog Democrats

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One Response “The Discharge of Blue Dogism and The New Gilded Age”

  1. Bryan
    April 20, 2018 at 7:23 am

    Hello, Sir-

    Your articles are well written, if unnecessarily grandiose in your choice of words. I’m not interested in a public debate in the comments section, but I do welcome a discussion. As an average conservative, your viewpoints interest me. I am a staunch supporter of ‘more speech (and more ideas), not less’. Feel free to email me at your leisure about any topic, should you wish to have an average conservative viewpoint at your disposal.

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