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October 14, 2019

Nazi Punching and Dirty, Old Fascism

It appears to be that 2017 will be the start of severe political discourse.

Richard Spencer, Neo-Nazi.

As I’ve discussed previously on this website, the self-proclaimed “Alt-Right” is a rising force in American politics that has finally made its way into White House briefings. It is important for all Americans to realize the true nature of “Alt-Right” behavior — and as of right now, this website will no longer use this term to define people in this political field. From now onward, josephkaminski.org will only refer to “Alt-Right” members of society as what they really are: Neo-Nazis and Nazis belonging to far-right conservatism.

Regardless; Richard Spencer – the white nationalist who prefers the label “identitarian” – has recently made headlines from “failing news outlets” for his fashion sense and, more importantly, getting punched in his Nazi face. People like Mr. Spencer have smartly dressed up the idealism behind Neo-Nazism to fool the press into focusing on the wrong aspects of their openly racist movement. Many news sources prior to late-2016 labelled Spencer as a “smartly dressed white nationalist” riding the “Trump Train” to success; but after the “unpresidented” election in November, it appears that the news has dropped all concepts of easy headlines towards people of this political nature. The most recent catastrophe towards the Neo-Nazi wing of the Republican Party comes from the meme-loving Richard Spencer getting decked in the face during an interview.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video (which has been turned into a massive joke across the internet). In case you haven’t, here it is again:

As Richard Spencer was arguing with protesters about whether or not he was a Neo-Nazi and discussing his Pepe-pin (something bigoted morons tend to wear during interviews), an unidentified man jumped through the crowd and punched him in the face. Just to clarify: the man who claims he’s “not a Neo-Nazi” and that “Neo-Nazis hate” him once made headlines for shouting “Heil Trump!” at a Neo-Nazi conference.

Punching Nazi Political CompassFunny as it may be, this event has sparked a serious question: is it okay to punch a Nazi? People, even on the left, are divided. Some are saying yes, some are saying no, and some are even in the middle. Such is the formula for a decent argument in modern day politics. As someone rather unapologetically left, I can for sure say that punching someone in the face for openly discussing the extermination or dehumanization of an entire subgroup of humanity is okay. Encouraged, even. Hatred, deeply rooted in discrimination, is not something to take lightly. As history has proven, it is important to nip dirty, old fascism at the bud of its’ ideological insurgence.

Totalitarianism, the so-called flawed platforms of communism and fascism, is not a “dead ideology”, as many patriotically indulged conservatives wish to claim after the end of the Cold War. Authoritarians quickly take power when there is a common fear among civilians. Whether it be a fear of terrorism, economic downfall, or racial tension – totalitarian governments thrive in these states of centralized fear.

Trump’s campaign has allowed for this sort of “fear” to cultivate. From spreading false rumors on Mexican “rapists” to indicting people of an entire religion, Donald Trump’s entire political foundation has spread white angst populism and economic ripples throughout the States. The ignorant and arrogant mindset of racial insensitivity is deeply rooted in this fear that New Conservative ideologues have created. Trump’s campaign is thus the strings of a puppet – the strings holding up an increasingly heavy doll of intolerance and racial injustice.

On the other hand, I can understand the backlash from members of society that frown upon the idea of someone getting decked in the face due to political differences. It is important for people to realize that straight up assaulting someone because you disagree with their political mindset is not socially acceptable…

…but I think we can make a little asterisk next to political mindsets that believe in the supremacist of a single race and the overall discrimination or genocide towards another. Whether they be using more covert or overt methods on whitewashing the present status of politics, the Neo-Nazi culture formatting itself on the right is becoming more and more dangerous.

I, for one, think it’s pretty funny that a Neo-Nazi can cry about how much it hurt to get punched in the face even though his entire political movement has the notion of limiting the rights and lives of countless people.

We live in a society that will jail a Jew for ‘assaulting’ someone that believes that ‘Hitler did nothing wrong.’ Let that sink in. History is quickly repeating itself as people ignore its’ messages.

To the people that believe it’s so bad that a literal Nazi was punched in the face by someone who might have been actually hurt by their political beliefs:

Meanwhile, the same day that Spencer was assaulted, a 25-year-old anti-fascist was shot in the stomach during an inauguration protest at the University of Washington, allegedly by an alt-right sympathizer. – The Long History of “Nazi Punching” by Wes Enzinna.

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