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November 21, 2019

My Thoughts on The Burkini Ban

With Islamophobia on the rise, “religious freedom” is consistently getting confused for radicalism and extremism. France, the victim of multiple attacks in recent months, has entered a serious stage of paranoia through the ban of the burkini, an extremely conservative “swimsuit” which allows Muslim women to enjoy the beach alongside Westerners.

From the viewpoint of someone who isn’t religious – or in the very least isn’t Muslim – the burkini is an example of an extremely ignorant concept. The very aspect of this swimwear stems from “misogyny and sexism” from fundamentalist aspects of a millennium-year-old-thought-process.

However, there is no liberal compromise; no “security is more important that freedom” argument that could be made for the banning of the burkini. While the swimwear may be rather sexist and fundamentalist, the slippery slope of taking away rights is just right around the corner after simple changes like this.

For my viewpoint of how fundamentalist religion and fanaticism in faith can be devastating, I’ve previously posted on the religious pyramid. It doesn’t matter what differences remain between people of different faiths; there is no logical explanation to banning the burkini – a Muslim version of a wetsuit.

We’ve seen so many historical conditions where this sort of oppression has occurred. Take it to heart that swimsuits were frowned upon until rather recently in the western world.

Where’s the difference? Demanding a ban for a type of clothing like this, regardless of religious or political standing ground, is a violation of basic human rights. It does nothing more than create hypocritical tension in an atmosphere that is already damaged during this “new” age of terrorism.

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