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September 20, 2019

The RNC Has A Religious Message For You

I’ll be “live blogging” and live tweeting the Republican National Convention. You can check out the RNC 2016 tag here.

It wouldn’t be the Republican National Convention without a prominent religious figure talking about “God’s Grace” and Republican “blessings” before the fifteen-minute mark passed.

Some of you may remember when the first GOP Debate ended with a horrendous “live question” from the audience watching on social media which asked the Republican candidates how often they “speak with God”. Viewers watched Ted Cruz claim he spoke with God “each and every day through the Holy Scriptures” and every other candidate talk about their religious history.

One mistake: America is a secular nation. We are supposed to be guaranteed the separation of church and state within our constitutional rights. But, I wouldn’t expect most of the evangelical Republicans to understand that. They focus their attentions to the Holy Book, not the law written in stone through America’s foundation.

A rabbi opened up the Republican National Convention, claiming to accept God’s Grace for Republican Blessings.

That’s right, everyone. One of the two major political parties began their convention by first asking for a moment of silence for blue lives, rather than all lives, and followed it up with a religious speech in first English and then Hebrew. It’s not a very constitution-based beginning for the so-called constitution-party.

It’s embarrassing to see just how narrow the Republican establishment is making this convention. To narrowly “pray” for officer deaths and not bring up the mass shootings and diverse racial problems in America is already narrow-minded. To narrow down the nation through religious guidance, you’ve labeled your party as “The Party of The Religious”.

That’s not how you make America “Great Again”. That’s how you further divide up the people of your nation. You’ve established yourself as nearing theocracy; from Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee to the inclusion of religion in a political party resorting in so-called secular nation. It’s important to realize the separation of church and state — the religious freedom — that Republicans always ignore. But then again, we’re talking about a party that wants to ban an entire faith.

God Bless America. That’s the only message Republicans seem to have here; and it’s funny — the hypocrisy is still rampant.

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Church and State

At the intersection of Church and State Streets in Salem, Oregon.

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