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September 20, 2019

RNC Applauds Security Longer Than They Remained Silent for Deaths

I’ll be “live blogging” and live tweeting the Republican National Convention. You can check out the RNC 2016 tag here.

Sharon Day, the female half of the RNC, had to honor of speaking for about two and a half minutes before introducing Jeff Larson, a businessman and political strategist who makes his money from his status of CEO of the Republican National Convention.

One part of Sharon Day’s speech stands out more than anything else, though.

Sharon Day basically claimed that any convention, especially the Republican National Convention of 2016, is a massive undertaking, “requiring the management of hundreds, if not thousands of people.” It is true. Organizing an entire convention requires dedication and incredible strategy on behalf of everyone evolved in getting it up and running.

As seen from yesterday, before Stephen Colbert hijacked the stage for a brief moment, lots of people were scrambling to get the stage ready to go for this week’s convention.

However, something really does stand out here. Sharon Day praised the security and the staff who “helped make” the convention possible. She then called for a round of applause for the security and staff.

The delegates at the Republican National Convention applauded for the security – ironically, perhaps the only men allowed to be carrying guns during the convention – for much longer than Reince Priebus’s declared “moment of silence” for the slain officers.

So, a very quick, brief moment of silence is given to officers who were slain by deadly weapons. Then the men keeping the delegates at the convention safe, perhaps (almost certainly) carrying deadly weapons receive a long, loud round of applause.

The hypocrisy continues, huh?

Lets not also forget that the moment of silence which would follow — which was dedicated to deceased Republicans who helped the party in the past — lasted nearly one hundred times as long as the moment of silence dedicated to slain police. In fact, countless names were plastered on the big screen over a light orange, cloud covered backdrop! But, of course, the Republican establishment doesn’t actually care about the mass shootings — they have party, and the party interests, coming in first.

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