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September 20, 2019

Moment of Silence for Officers, NOT Victims of Mass Shootings

I’ll be “live blogging” and live tweeting the Republican National Convention. You can check out the RNC 2016 tag here.

The GOP Convention is starting the way anyone could assume it would have, with chairman Reince Priebus asking for a “brief moment of silence” for specifically the “officers slain” in previous days – specifically citing Baton Rouge and Dallas.

The convention basically starts with a leading Republican figure shouting out #BlueLivesMatter! How the hell are independents and Democrats supposed to hear this? It truly shows that the Republican Party is backing away from their previous stance of “All Lives Matter”, which is completely and utterly flawed in argument concepts to begin with, to enforce authoritative ideologies.

I get it; it’s sad and utterly inhumane that those brutal attacks against the police occurred. But how the hell can the Republican Party have such a cheesy, unforgiving grin at picking some lives over others? They completely hate the Black Lives Matter movement; they take National Rifle Association money while ignoring countless mass shootings; they openly endorse bombing ISIS families and want to bring back torture more than ever – yet they have the urge to claim that “All Lives Matter, BUT THE POLICE MATTER MORE!”

It’s embarrassing to have a specifically targeted moment of silence to start off the GOP Convention in the midst of diverse turmoil. It’s also embarrassing to have the party obsessed with keeping AR-15 rifles in the street claiming they care about the lives loss in recent days.

The Republican Party truly is forming as The Party of Trump within moments of this event, with CNN and CSPAN correspondents calling this “Trump’s Big Event”. The people who are on the fence, looking for Republican messages without some sort of media filter, start off this convention with a selective moment of silence for a selective minority in a problematic series of traumatic tragedies occurring in the past few weeks.

This is how the RNC has decided to start. It’s going to be a horrific journey of Republican hypocrisy, contradicting messages, and back-talking – and Republicans will eat it up.

Blue Lives Matter

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