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October 20, 2019

Trump’s Social Media Disasters

Donald Trump really needs to crack down on his own infrastructure if he actually wants to win this. His campaign is basically in shambles, with forty times less money on hand than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and in the midst of a last-minute surge to pick up members of failed GOP campaigns.

Trump recently hired – and immediately lost – the digital director of Rand Paul’s campaign. He’s turned to a former Ted Cruz aide who claimed that “God chose Cruz to become President” and Michelle Bachmann of all people to run an “evangelical advisory”. To top it all off, however, is the change of command in the form of the whole Lewandowski-Manafort trade off. Trump’s literally treating his campaign like a shitty NFL draft, similar to how he handled owning the New Jersey Generals. But, despite the chaotic campaign purge, the stupidest Trump mistakes still crop up on social media.

In September 2015, Mother Jones did an incredible investigation to find out who the hell is actually in charge of the reality television star turned pseudo-populist politician’s Twitter account. It’s obvious that someone has to be ghost writing at least some of the blundering 140-character messages.

Tweeting at random intervals throughout the day, Trump can’t be sending them all. Which sounds a little weird if you think about it. We know Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have fully stocked teams of Millennial social media gurus who go through so many levels to go back and forth at each other. Trump has to be a little more involved with social media than any other candidate, seeing how he rages about it much more on and offline.

Think about it. Back when #DeleteYourAccount gained media attention despite being an internet meme for years because of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump erupted into a little temper tantrum. The best part about that whole kerfuffle was that Hillary Clinton probably didn’t even know about it until the news started reporting on it, but it consumed Trump’s every waking moment for the next sixteen speeches and thirty scheduled tweets. Of course, that’s speculation – but it’s well-deserved and well-placed analysis as well.

So, who runs Trump’s Twitter?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that “Mr. Trump doesn’t use a computer. He relies on his smartphone to tweet jabs and self-promotion, often late into the night, from a chaise lounge in his bedroom suite in front of a flat-screen TV.” Thus, we can narrow it down to a cellular device.

Trump's Twitter

Twitonomy demographics for Donald Trump’s Twitter, researched by Mother Jones in September 2015.

A majority of Trump’s April 2015 – September 2015 tweets come from an Android phone. A computer, something Trump doesn’t use, comes in second place. A BlackBerry and iPhone are tied for third. So, right off the bat we know a large percentage of Trump’s tweets are coming from a staff — just as anyone would assume. But, what phone does Trump use?

Trump, a relentless tweeter, tends to dictate tweets to his assistant during the day and does it himself at night on an iPhone. He notes proudly that he has more than 4 million followers [he is now reaching 10 million]. The Washington Post

So Trump uses an iPhone. Which means only 99 tweets out of the researched 3,197 times “he” tweeted between April 23rd and September 14th of 2015 actually come from The Don himself. Around three percent. A very special thanks to Mother Jones for the wonderful article on this.

“Let Trump Be Trump” doesn’t really transfer from his campaign to the spotlight, though. He’s either lying about what phone he uses, lying about not using a computer, or using a social media staff to fill the gaps in between each rant. Whatever it may be, we know for a fact that only a small percentage of his presence on social media is actually him — just like every other politician.

So, with that in mind, Trump really needs to fire his social media team if he wants to get anywhere this general election. He’s had countless controversies on Twitter throughout his entire campaign, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Lets look at some of the laughable mistakes that Trump’s social media has been well-accustomed to. Ridicule has usually led to the tweets being deleted.

Some of Trump’s Pathetic Misspells

When you’re trying to run for one of the world’s most professional positions, you might want to turn on spellcheck.

Trump DummerTrump ChockerTrump WitchitaTrump HonerRetweeting Fascists and Neo-Nazis

Trump’s Twitter has been pretty infamous for this. Might not want to blindly put Nazi sympathizers — trolls are not — on your official campaign’s social media. Not to mention that tons of Trump supports love using a horrendous meme portraying Trump as a Nazi, pulling the lever to a gas chamber with Bernie Sanders inside of it.

Trump Swastika Trump WhiteGenocide Trump Fake StatisticsThe subconscious rhetoric of the Trump campaign just really doesn’t understand when to do something called research or opening eyes. To copy and paste a “White Genocide” account, to post an image of the swastika, to blindly republish obviously fake and racist statistics — all of this, along with being unable to notice misspells — showcases that Trump needs to consider swapping some people out of his social media crew.

He’s currently “running” an account that’s retweeted a Mussolini-quoting robot, several neo-Nazi sympathizers, and countless images and messages of blatant racism. His most recent issue — posting an image of Hillary Clinton with a flow of money raining in the background and a Jewish Star of David with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” — should be the final straw for his idiotic social media staff.

Trump Star of DavidImagine if Donald was lucky enough to be running for President in a country or time period without the Internet or without the amount of recording capabilities that we have today. Well, fortunately, he’s stuck drowning in the mistakes that his social media staff (maybe dictated by him or maybe not) that keep pouring out on a daily basis.

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