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October 20, 2019

BREXIT: The Rise of 21st Century Nationalism

Brexit has succeeded, and the intolerant and bigoted mindset has spoken with a slight majority. The United Kingdom has announced that, through referendum, they will in fact be leaving the European Union. Why should we be worried about Brexit? I mean, like, when has a combination of xenophobic hatred for a specific group of people, nationalistic nostalgia, and economic depression EVER resulted in anything BAD for a country in Europe?

Oh wait…

BREXIT: The Rise of 21st Century Nationalism

The second decade of the 21st century is shaping up to be a revised rebirth for nationalism across the world. We’re entering a new age of politics; one the establishment hasn’t been able to reconcile against just yet. But, it seems this “vacuum” of a political atmosphere is leading to faux populism, in a sense. From the Philippines electing Rodrigo Duterte to the rise of the literal Donald Trump in conservative America, we’re already witnessing a right-wing pendulum swing different from the norm with inexperienced and chauvinistic politicians making their way to the top of the political ladder.

And now, enter the United Kingdom. Headed by Nigel Farage of UKIP and the “Donald Trump across the Pond” Boris Johnson, this Brexit campaign has proven that bigotry isn’t something accomplished just through individuals, but also through strategic and organized institutions. To “Make Britain Great Again”, the enraged public has decided upon giving up everything to go back to the ignorant, isolated attitudes they held during times of imperialism. And, in the meanwhile, they’ve unleashed a tsunami of reprehensible economic and political proportions to prove that “they’ve still got it”.

Leave it to the Brits, who colonized half of the world, to exit the European Union in fear of immigration. Leave it to the Brits, who forcefully colonized indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia, America, and Australia, to leave an economic and political sanction dedicated to keeping Europe united because of fears of being colonized. If only countries like India or the Thirteen Colonies had a #Brexit option during history, where a simple democratic referendum could have been placed rather than bloody conflict.

Britain, which had colonized the world, ended up attempting to destroy itself due to UKIP fantasies that it was being colonized in turn. The world’s major colonizing force and imperialistic successor has such a devastating fear of legal immigrants that they’ve chosen to exit the European Union to “control their borders” and “MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN”. Does this not sound like a Donald Trump perspective?

The Immediate Effects of Brexit

David Cameron has announced that he is going to resign, and that Prime Minister elections will be held this October. Meanwhile, the Labour Party has begun to freak out – sending in a letter of non-confidence concerning their leader Jeremy Corbyn. With disapproval rather high and both party’s leaderships falling to dust, what’s to say the next U.K. Prime Minister won’t be a Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson?

Meanwhile, markets across the globe are in turmoil. American stock markets are preparing for a dip. Japan has ceased trading altogether. The Bank of Japan has begun to supply liquidity to limit the market impact all together. The Pound Sterling is at an all-time, 31-year low, reaching levels nearly as low as 1985. The European Union immediately lost 18% of its GDP, 13% of its population, $18 billion in annual budget contributions, and lost its largest military spender in an instant.

brexit votes

Yellow districts voted for STAY. Blue districts voted for REMAIN. See how Scotland disagrees with the decision?

The SNP has raised up the concept of a Scottish Independence referendum again. The only reason why the 2014 referendum failed was because of the fact that Scotland didn’t want to be removed from the European Union. With Britain making that decision for them, they have no reason to stay. A large percentage of the “stay” votes came from Scotland.

Thus, Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein has announced that the United Kingdom has forfeited its ability to represent Northern Ireland, threatening a reunification effort.

Then we see the domino effect of this nationalistic radical right. The Netherlands have declared that THEY will be holding a referendum to exit the European Union, signifying that BREXIT is giving birth to the NEXIT movement. In turn, the French Radical Right has declared that FREXIT is on the horizon as well, if they win the upcoming national elections. The mindset of this nationalistic and nostalgic right literally is “a UNITED EUROPE CANNOT STAND”.

So, congratulations, Britain. You’ve joined a nationalistic front for your Brexit cause. It’s going to lead down a devastating domino path. The country that recently held a parliament discussion to BAN DONALD TRUMP from entering their country is about to ELECT THEIR OWN DONALD TRUMP’S IDEAS.

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