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March 22, 2019

Why The Right is Wrong!

This article was written by Blog Liberally. You should follow him on Twitter @BlogLiberally.

First let me be upfront, a lot of folks call me a “liberal”, and you know what? I’m cool with that. Because to me being a liberal means rooting for People over Corporations. And that I do, EVERY TIME! ALL! THE! TIME! And in that subset of people I root for reside the poor, the working poor and the middle class. I root for those guys over those in that rarefied air the one-per-centers breath and even the ten-per-centers sit comfortably in. So yea, I’m what most would define as a Liberal, I accept it, proudly.

Now back to that headline up there and why I believe the Right is absolutely Wrong.

Let’s start with their VERY old axiom that “trickle down economics pays for itself, works just great and will save us all” by driving the economy. They claim that by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest among us and big corporations they’ll have more to spend and when they spend ALL THAT FREE MONEY they’ve been given (by the politicians they’ve bought, by the way) some will trickle down to the rest of “U.S.” by them spending ALL THAT FREE MONEY they’ve been GIFTED by the Right! Now the Right will sometimes call it “investing in” but it boils down to just buying stuff with ALL THAT FREE MONEY the Right has gifted them in the form of tax cuts! The Right says if we don’t do this those ‘special” people will lose their incentive to spend and if they lose that incentive the whole of the world’s economy will crash and we’re all screwed.

Keep that in mind.

The Right also has another axiom they live by: but this policy only applies to EVERYBODY else and this it where it gets REALLY twisted! See the Right’s other axiom is (to kinda quote George Carlin): Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest.

As for the poor and middle class, they tell us those people have lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money?! And THOSE people are me and you and everybody you and me know and EVERYBODY they know… and so on and so on and so on…!

See how vicious that is? If you have WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH money then the Right will LITERALLY do anything they can to get YOU more money as they attempt to squeeze a positive outcome from their futile 40 YEAR experiment called TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS.

Sometimes they’ll call it “Supply Side Economics” just to confuse folks but they’re EXACTLY the same thing with the same goal: GIVE MORE AND MORE CASH TO THE RICH and LESS AND LESS TO THE REST OF US!

Think about that! REALLY think about it. Does it make sense? I suppose I can admit that if you’re someone that just listens and doesn’t think things through to a conclusion this Trickle Down crap could be appealing.

But when you do a little research and discover that these BILLIONS in tax cuts go to about 1000 families, and that number might be REALLY high, you MUST reconsider. Unless you’re born into it you aren’t gonna end up in that rarefied tax bracket!

And you should also understand that with VERY FEW exceptions if you’re not starting life as a three-per-center you ain’t gonna climb into that rarefied one-per-center air without a LOT of luck! I didn’t say its impossible, just damn hard. So don’t believe for one second that someday you’re gonna end up with Trump money. Well, unless you have a Trump dad that will make you a “small loan” of “only a million dollars”.

Next time I’ll explain that EVER growing bucket that NEVER allows anything to spill over the trickling down version of the Right’s economics! Or possibly how The Right is INTENTIONALLY disenfranchising voters in an ADMITTED ATTEMPT to steal elections by making it FAR HARDER to vote for African Americans, Hispanics, The ELDERLY, other minorities and young people that favor Democrats. We’ll see what mood I’m in. It could just be a profanity laced rant!

Finally, I admit there are those that won’t reconsider, seek, research or even ask questions, and that’s fine, that’s not who I write for. I can live with that. I write for thinkers, for questioners, for seekers and for people willing to debate in a calm reasoned way. I know there’s gonna be some screaming comments to this and that’s okay, we gotta interact with those folks so we can change their minds.

So…Bring it on! LET’S TALK!! Shoot me a message on Twitter, @BlogLiberally. I’d love to talk!

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