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November 21, 2019

Donald Trump’s Possible Vice Presidents

Alright, it’s time to stop the primary games and realize something drastically important: our general election is going to be between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and entertainment mogul Donald Trump. We look at the presidential candidates, but what about the possible vice presidents?

We have a faux-progressive versus a fascist, and that speaks miles about our American foundations. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Hillary Clinton is the far better option when compared to Donald Trump: she’s got more experience, she’s got a more level head, and she’s not going to hit the big red button the moment she gets her ego hurt. I’m a Sanders supporter, but I will support Clinton as long as she doesn’t swing so far right that there is no real difference in the final days of this political journey (which I’ve been watching since two years before it ever even began).

In case you missed part one of my vice presidential breakdown, where I discussed the possible vice presidents for Hillary Clinton, you can click here. It is not necessary to read part one to understand part two.

For those of you who don’t know me, I closely align with the political ideologies of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. According to the website isidewith, I’m only 4% Republican — so take my political breakdowns and analysis with a grain of salt if you’re a center-right Democrat or far-right conservative. I’m a liberal, but I’m also a historian: I see politics under a wide umbrella of perspectives and details. My own perspective aligns closely with where history has gone wrong, and how the future can be better for all of humanity, rather than an oligarchic few or a fascist lucky ethnicity.

For the past two days, I’ve been talking about Vice Presidents. They are more important than you think. Vice Presidents are not the Luke-warm bucket of spit of the 19th century, they are the basic foundations of any good general election campaign.

A good VP will get a campaign into the White House, while a bad VP will cause horrific failure. Look at Richard Nixon as a “good example”: a bad cop to counterbalance Eisenhower’s positivity who helped carry California and used his own tricky strategies to bring the ticket to success. Look at Sarah Palin as a horrendous example: a far-against-the-ideology, insane politician from a state that doesn’t matter on the large scale of things who looked unprofessional and sounded crazy. John McCain didn’t have a chance.

So, with that in mind, Donald Trump’s VP nominee might be what completely changes the course of his “unelectable” and “doomed from the start” campaign. Many Democrats don’t believe Trump could ever possibly beat either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but an outstanding Vice Presidential candidate on the Trump ticket could very well effectively attract Bernie or Bust voters while simultaneously splitting the Democratic Party. So, let’s break down some of the possible names that Trump has either considers or might very well have on his desk at Trump Tower. Here are Donald Trump’s possible Vice Presidents.

Ted Cruz: The Evangelical

Possibility: 0/10

This has been an idea floating about the political atmosphere since it was clear that the Republican Party was between Trump and Cruz.

Donald Trump picking Ted Cruz as his running mate is almost next to impossible. The only thing Ted Cruz brings to the table is the evangelical vote, which Donald Trump has already proven he can get with or without an evangelical candidate on the ticket. Lets talk about how Ted Cruz, as an established evangelical candidate, will have an incredibly short political lifespan and will be irrelevant after the Republican convention this summer.

Ted Cruz is unnecessary. He’s already fading quickly from the picture, with his political image shattered after all his skeletons were laid out on the table.

There’s also the argument that Ted Cruz would refuse the offer, but I think we all know enough about Cruz to realize that he has no real laid out morals. He has said since the beginning that he will most likely support Trump as the nominee out of pure party loyalty, only stuttering on his original statements after Trump targeted his family.

Trump’s possible vice presidents list doesn’t need Ted Cruz, just like America doesn’t need Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio: The Minority

Possibility: 0/10

Donald Trump has actually floated Rubio’s name, a terrible thing to do after nonstop attacking his record in the Senate. Rubio is soon to face the same path that Cruz is: his political career is basically over.

Once a political savior to the dying Republican breed, he tried skipping too many steps from the bottom to the top — causing him to crash and burn. His own political home state, Florida, rejected his bid for the presidency. He won one county in Florida — his home county — while Trump won every single Florida delegate.

When your own political state hates you and rejects your candidacy, you’re over. Rubio will not be able to run for Senate again, either, based on a mix of current laws and missed deadlines. His name will fade incredibly quickly from the political mindset of Republicans.

But, even if he wasn’t fading, Rubio wouldn’t accept his name on the ticket. His ultimate distaste for Trump was shown quickly enough during his own campaign. While Cruz said he would support Trump no matter what, Rubio stuttered and stammered on how “he doesn’t know” if he could even think of supporting Trump. When one of the names on the list of possible vice presidents doesn’t even support your message, we find ourselves with a ticket that disagrees with itself. A house divided cannot stand, and Marco Rubio would be a poor choice in an attempt to grab minority votes which are already locked up on the Democratic side.

Scott Walker: The Establishment

Possibility: 0/10

An attempt to grab the establishment crowd with Scott Walker? It won’t happen.

Scott Walker, rated one of the worst governors in America, literally laughed out loud when Donald Trump said he was considering him for his list of possible vice presidents.

While Trump tried to break the ice by saying “I like Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard. … But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard”, it seems like Scott Walker doesn’t even want to talk to Trump.

After Trump was, in short, ridiculed by the establishment for trying to make amends with the Wisconsin governor, he came out against his own choice.

During a town hall on CNN that same week, Trump denied ever considering Walker for a possible vice presidential position and repeated his statement about simply “liking” the Governor and other former GOP candidates that he nonstop attacked during the early primaries.

It’s still amazing to hear that Trump “likes” the GOP establishment candidates, but Scott Walker wouldn’t ever be placed on a Trump ticket.

Joni Ernst: The Female

Possibility: 5/10

Trump understands the political situation in which women hate him. His openly sexist and misogynist attitude and his fumbling answers on abortion and women’s rights have ended any chance of a large female voting base from joining the “Trump Train”. It doesn’t help the Trump ticket that he’s going up against Hillary Clinton and whoever she decides to pick as her VP. So, Trump might decide to pull his own “woman’s card” and deal in the race with a female vice president.

Sarah Palin is VP cancer, proven by John McCain. Michelle Bachmann is irrelevant, proven by her own presidential run in 2012. Carly Fiorina has proven herself to be a political failure not once but twice this election season. What other openly vocal Republican females are left in the ring?

Oh yeah, the one who published an ad about castrating pigs.

Joni Ernst is a Senator from Iowa, a United States veteran who could easily grab whatever remaining bits of the veteran vote that Trump hasn’t already snatched up and a rather positive figure remaining in the split Republican divisions. She might just be the female candidate that could help Trump attract a few straggling voters.

But, Trump understands he most likely can’t win women voters in this election. It’s already too late for him. He might not want to waste his ticket on a candidate meant to only bring fringe voters. He’s got the evangelical vote — so Iowa is already his for the taking. Why bother with Joni Ernst?

Newt Gingrich: The Bundle

Possibility: 8/10

Trump has an ego. One that can’t really allow his own Vice Presidential pick to steal any thunder away from himself. That’s why he won’t pick someone like Chris Christie, who was most likely bribed to endorse him with the promise of becoming Attorney General. He also needs the establishment vote, which is quickly fading away in favor of Libertarian Party contestants and Hillary Clinton herself. So…who’s a somewhat respected establishment Republican who has the ability to tone down their ego?

Newt Gingrich. It pains me to say this, but Newt very well might be the last remaining voice of reason within the Republican Party. Newt Gingrich is a political evil genius, much like Dick Cheney was.

As the 50th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, New Gingrich has had a relatively long political career. He ran for President in 2012, and during the last quarter of 2011 he was the front-runner of the primaries. He gained tons of momentum in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina. For a while, it seemed as if Gingrich himself might run away with an early victory.

But, the Gingrich momentum ended almost as quickly as it started. By December 2011, his polling success attracted scrutiny from the media. He was subject to nonstop political mudslinging, with his own political skeletons falling out on the table. He came in fourth place in the first two primary contests, and as a result he turned to negative advertising. He turned his entire campaign to attacking eventual nominee Romney, who at this stage of the game was already leading the pack. He dubbed him “a timid Massachusetts moderate”, pissing off a majority of “moderate” Republicans. This is back when “moderate” Republicans actually owned their party.

After a long battle, Newt Gingrich withdrew from the 2012 presidential campaign with 4 million dollars in debt. He immediately endorsed Mitt Romney afterwards, knowing how to play the political game. If I’m not mistaken, Gingrich came in at around 4th place.

Who’s been defending Trump since the very beginning? The only political journalist from either wing that has seemingly defended Trump since day one of his announced campaign is Newt Gingrich. While Bill O’Reilly and others were bashing their heads into the wall trying to downplay or discredit Trump, Gingrich tried to be sensible enough to appear somewhere between neutral-to-pro-Trump. Even Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe hasn’t been as defensive of Trump’s actions!

Trump, despite having an ego, knows he doesn’t have a single clue about American politics. That’s why he just might want a right hand man who can fill in the blanks for him. Gingrich understands the political process, can tone down his massive ego to fulfill the limelight for Trump, and can possibly swing around to revive the establishment vote.

Love him or hate him, the “best” Vice President for Donald Trump is most likely Newt Gingrich. Now, is Donald Trump smart enough to pick the best candidate? That’s something we’ll have to see as the general election gets closer and closer. With a mind like his, he might pick a mirror to run with towards the White House. Or, he very well might pick a 2016 edition of Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: Trump chose Mike Pence, an establishment (and moronic) member of the Republican Party.

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One Response “Donald Trump’s Possible Vice Presidents”

  1. May 11, 2016 at 11:17 am

    These are some good predictions. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Newt gets the nod. I disagree with you, though, that he’s a gifted politician. He’s lucky, but he’s as club-footed and wooden-headed as they come. In 1994-96 he took the greatest political opportunity the Republican Party had in the last 50 years and promptly drowned it in the toilet, screwing up so badly that even his own House constituency wouldn’t re-elect him. He’s driven to petty personal jealousies, has no friends in politics who genuinely care about him (they’re all fair-weather friends) and annoys the piss out of nearly everyone who come across him. The laughable disaster of his Presidential campaign merely highlighted how amateurish he is and how unsuited he is for prime-time. Essentially his gift is opportunism, but that only gets him so far. These flaws will come under a big magnifying glass if he’s chosen as Trump’s VP, and ultimately I predict, if chosen, he’ll drag down the ticket rather than boost it. More votes for Hillary, which is fine with me (you know I’m a strong supporter), and the schadenfreude of watching an old Clinton enemy immolate himself spectacularly on the national stage will be all the more amusing!

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