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November 18, 2019

Kasich is Out, Trump is The Nominee

Kasich dropped out, and Trump is the Republican nominee. If you told me a year ago I’d be writing these words, I wouldn’t actually believe you. When Donald Trump announced his campaign, it was seen as a joke. It was seen as a fringe “literally everyone in the Republican Party is running for President right now, so I might as well” kind of jump for the Trump name. Perhaps something to put on a resume and nothing more, honestly. But, here we are, a little over seventy days away from the official end of the primaries and… Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee. But, six months ago? I was saying hello to the Republican nominee while most of the establishment was still in denial.

John Kasich was right to step out. As I talked about in an incredibly recent post, Kasich saw himself as a blockade between “I hate Trump” and “I hate Cruz” delegates in a contested convention situation. But, with Cruz finally giving up and the Republican race proving Trump to be the only candidate able to sync the amount of delegates required to represent the party and all its inhabitants. Kasich was literally fourth place in a two person race in terms of delegates, only 17% of the way towards the nomination with more than 233% needed in order to surpass Trump — mathematically impossible. Kasich and Cruz’s pathetic alliance didn’t add up to anything, as expected.

John Kasich didn’t do much in this campaign cycle. He made it to the very final two before dropping out, however; which is something when you realize the massive amount of people who failed before him. If he’s lucky, his 2016 adventures will fade away and stay about as nonexistent as his influence in it. If he’s not forgotten? Well, I don’t think the Republican Party, now the Party of Trump, has any fucking right to focus on the failures of the clown car that led to Trump’s takeover.

Trump did not hijack the party. I’m tired of hearing Republicans claim this. Trump merely took the Republican Party’s universally core values — the true hypocrisy of the GOP — and washed off that Mitt Romney cosmetic shine that conservatives are used to. Xenophobia, sexism, racism, homophobia, and fascist ideals run the platform of Trump’s nomination. He speaks of hatred, constant warfare, and heinous war crimes.

He runs on white angst populism — feeding on the once-hidden prejudice of Republicans that for the last eight years were riled up by Fox News and Barack Obama’s mere existence. History will look back at 2016 as a deciding factor in American politics, where the right finally unraveled and the left politically split in two. Trump didn’t hijack the party; he merely showed the true personality of the defunct, unraveling right.

What happened to the Whig Party two centuries ago is happening right now: the Republican Party is a dying breed. Your Rick Santorums, Mike Huckabees, and Ted Cruzes are dying off at a rapid pace — their hate-induced mindsets belonging in a traditionalist sense of seventy years ago. Your right-wing journalists and Fox News programs have a target audience of people aged around 78; war veterans and people who grew up in a literal different world grasping their guns in fear of “the minorities” and “Obama coming to get” them. The Tea Party has successfully split its creator, with the Republican Party splintering off into five main circus attractions.

Republicans are going to flee. Whether it be to the Libertarian Party or to the Independent flocks that are picking away towards the center of our political compass. We’re already seeing backlash from Republicans who were and forever will be #NeverTrump. People have resigned, people have quit, and people have already switched political preference. We may be towards the end of this election cycle…but I’ll tell you this; it’s going to be fun (and scary) to watch up until the final moment.

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