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November 18, 2019


Ted Cruz drops out of the Presidential Race. That headline is absolutely, no question asked, one of the best headlines of this election cycle. I’ve covered a lot of drop outs this election cycle, from Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina to Ben Carson, George Pataki, Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee. In this circus of an election, we all knew it would eventually boil down; and that it finally has. There are two candidates left on each side: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the left with Donald Trump and… John Kasich on the right.

Ted is Dead. It’s been way too long between him announcing his presidency back in 2015 to this day. I have to admit; this is one of the most important headlines in the entire election. The man who had no mathematically possible path to victory, who was so desperate that he hooked up with Carly Fiorina in yet another one night stand, has finally suspended his fruitless acts and dropped the ball once and for all.

Let me wake up the criminal Cruz Crew. We’re talking about a religious, evangelical zealot that puts Mike Huckabee to God’s shame. Ted Cruz is ignorant, a literal unconstitutional conservative hiding behind the constitution itself, a document he’s probably read as many times as he’s read his hypocritical Holy book: zero times. He’s been playing with the minds of voters like a psychopathic freak since day one of his campaign, falsely comparing himself to Ronald Reagan (who wouldn’t be able to classify himself as a Republican in this modern day, strained Five Ring Republican Circus) and repeatedly calling voters that were openly for other candidates to “inform” them that their candidate was dropping out and that they should vote for, you guessed it, Ted Cruz.

It is a good thing that this man is gone. He would have been worse than the unfathomably clumsy and ignorant Donald Trump for a plethora of reasons.

We are talking about a man who lied through his teeth, in front of all Americans, throughout his entire campaign. A candidate that was endorsed by Glenn Beck of all people, someone so batshit crazy and far-right that Fox News had to fire him to improve their ratings. Glenn Beck, in case you don’t know, does nothing but preach the apocalypse. He’s repeatedly claimed that America was going to be “the next Babylon” because of gay marriage. He’s claimed that God chose Ted Cruz himself. Well, Glenn, now that Ted Cruz is out of the race… either your God doesn’t exist, God hates Ted Cruz, or your God is not a God I wish to follow.

Ted Cruz was involved with that huge sex scandal. He’s a candidate that has more baggage than you could ever possibly imagine. His wife works for Goldman Sachs, one of the big banks that were at fault for the recession of 2008. Here’s the problem with that: he took out a million dollar loan from the same company; $500,000 for his campaign and $500,000 for himself. But lets just focus on Trump’s “small loan of a million dollars” from his rich Daddy, right?

Ted Cruz is a religious, hypocritical, paranoid, little man who would have literally thrown America into a dark age. And I mean that with full, frontal force. The world has tried a government controlled by religious, hypocritical, paranoid, little men. That age in our history is literally known as the Dark Ages. Ted Cruz was a candidate that promised to “bomb the sand until it glowed in the dark” in an attempt to show his distaste for civilians in the Middle East. Yes, we can spend billions of dollars to make the fucking sand glow, but free healthcare and college education is completely out of the question, right?

He’s a terrible Senator; as a freshman in Congress he shut the entire government down. As a fucking freshman! This cost the taxpayers of America millions of dollars, and he only did it because his feelings got hurt when his opinion was ignored! Imagine what this man would have done if he was President of the United States! This isn’t “conservative values”, it’s psychopathic narcissism!

He ripped of Trump’s horrendous idea to build a wall in an attempt to revise his political gain. He’s promised time and time again to “probably, most likely” support Trump in a general election even though Trump has done wrong time and time again this entire election season. He waited until the very last minute to start attacking Trump, so late that he had to sign a middle school treaty with John Kasich.

And speaking of John Kasich?

I TOLD YOU. Going back to December 2014 and even earlier I claimed that John Kasich was at least going to make it to the final two in this election cycle. I just wish I actively posted on this site back then, or I’d have article after article about how the once-radical, always-radical Kasich would eat out the heart of America in the midwest. Of course, it didn’t happen that way. I don’t know how the Hell Kasich still has money, but he’s promising to keep going — despite only winning his own state — all the way to the convention center. Of course, these predictions were before the Trump factor. We’re talking about a time where I predicted a Bush/Kasich ticket vs a Clinton/Castro one. Back when the primaries first started, however, I informally “endorsed” John Kasich as the so-called “moderate” in the extremely radical circus camp of the Republican Party.

So, why is John Kasich still in the race? I’ll tell you: a contested convention. Even though he lacks support, Kasich understands two things: Trump is insane, and the Republican Party hates Ted Cruz with a passion.

Kasich sees himself as a small bubble among the victors in terms of delegate counts. He’s been moving in this election merely in spirit and not in name, watching from the shadows and hoping uncomfortable advertisements would just keep him relevant until the time comes. He won his home state, a politically important advantage that only Marco Rubio can’t seem to do. Kasich believes that his name present in a convention would sway Trump delegates that aren’t constitutionally tied to him and entice Cruz backers to swap last moment because of their personal and political hatred of him. Kasich sees himself as a possible savior of the Republican Party, despite being its problem around five years ago.

The sad thing? He’s right.

Will he make that much of a difference in the race, even now since Cruz is out? Honestly, no. Trump has captured the Republican nomination — something I knew months ago. The only way Trump won’t win this is if Kasich manages to steal the nomination directly in front of him. Honestly, that’s something that isn’t probable. It’s possible, but unlikely this late in the election cycle where Trump has been gifted billions of dollars in free advertising. Democrats fall in love with their candidates, as seen with Bernie Sanders, while Republicans tend to fall in line with them. But, if Kasich manages to win? That Republican contested convention will literally be chaos. It will bring more bloodshed and violence than the Democratic contested convention in 1968.

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3 Responses “TED CRUZ DROPS OUT”

  1. May 4, 2016 at 11:19 am

    Cruz is an awful person and I’m glad he went down. I was actually surprised to hear he dropped out–I figured he’d stay in until the bitter end for the same reason Kasich is pretending to stay in. The Republican Party is now totally screwed. They’re coming apart the way the Whigs did in the 1850s. Even though Trump will clinch the nomination on the first ballot, I do think it’s likely there will still be violence at the convention. His supporters view violence against those who disagree with them as a redemptive and positive thing, and they’ll do something crazy and demand that Trump own it. Sad times ahead.

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