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October 20, 2019

A Message From A Sanders Supporter Who Will Vote For Clinton

The Sanders Campaign is in the process of laying off more than 200 workers according to campaign manager Jeff Weaver. The campaign, which boasts a 550-member team across America, is soon to be downsized to somewhere between 325 to 350 workers. This would be the second downsize seen within the Sanders original campaign, which at one point numbered more than 1,000 staffers and paid employees.

The layoff comes after a horrendous night for Sanders, in which he lost Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut to Hillary Clinton in one swoop. His delegate count is outrageously behind, and at this point it is essentially mathematically impossible for his campaign to win the race outright. He would need something around 90% of the remaining delegates to reach Clinton’s lead — mostly set up by establishment super-delegates and southern conservative votes. 

Laying off more than 200 workers shows a sign that Sanders understands the end is near, and it’s time the unfathomably politically inept Bernie Bros to lay down their swords and open up to the possibility of uniting in order to stop Trump from winning the White House.

Don’t get the wrong idea from this. I #FeelTheBern, and I have since even before Bernie Sanders announced his presidency last year. I’ve always been a fan of the Democrat-leaning Independent Senator from Vermont. I’ve donated to his campaign, I’ve bought shirts and buttons, and I’ve done everything in my power to support the man. I’m a progressive Democrat — and I can tell you that progressivism will not survive if it tries to form its own party. It needs to act as the Tea Party did in the past: progressivism needs to take over the Democrats through the Senate and the House.

I understand how the political game of chess works. Bernie Sanders has never actually been running for President. He’s been running for progressivism. He’s running a movement, not an office. He’s running with an idea, not an ego. He’s not “in it to win it” in the form of the White House; he’s been trying to push Hillary Clinton from center-right all the way to the border of Democratic Socialism while initiating a millennial-controlled movement that will literally last generations to come. And guess what? It’s worked! He’s allowed progressivism to slowly take over the Democratic Party rather than struggle and drown within the Green Party.

I'm With Her, Unfortunately.

I’m With Her, Unfortunately.

When the Democratic National Convention occurs this summer, Bernie Sanders will not make a case to become the presidential nominee. He’ll make a case for progressivism, for ‘Democratic Socialism’, and for the future of this nation.

So the #BernieOrBust crowd has literal NO IDEA how politics work if they’re going to vote Sanders in the general election. They don’t know history, they don’t care about politics, and they’re willing to live in a four-to-eight year period of Trump fascism just so they can rub their middle fingers into Hillary Clinton’s face.

In the election of 1912, former President Theodore Roosevelt decided to split the Republican vote simply because he didn’t like the path that the current incumbent William Howard Taft was taking conservative progressivism. Yes, progressivism at one point was a more Republican-centrist idea — before the two parties swapped ideals, of course. Instead of Taft winning the White House, the vote was split between Bull Moose Roosevelt fans and Republican Taft fans. The election was literally handed to a united Democratic Party, giving the presidency to Woodrow Wilson — a faux progressive who was forced to listen to the movement around him.

Let me say it loud and clear: Hillary Clinton is his election’s Woodrow Wilson at this moment. A candidate who personally is not as progressive as you would like to think, but would literally listen to a progressive movement in order to keep her party happy. But, if Bernie Sanders were to either run as an Independent (which he won’t), be written in by his #BernieOrBust fans, or let his voters refuse to vote for a Clinton campaign — the election would be swapped. Clinton would no longer be the victorious Wilson, she would be left in the dust with a low turn out rate or split vote as the 2016 equivalent to William Howard Taft.

Right now the Republican Party is the split vote: stuck between evangelical dark age preaching Ted Cruz and the fascist egocentric Donald Trump. They have fallen into a defunct status of craziness, and the cards are literally going to hand a Democrat the victory. We can’t screw it up, people. We really can’t afford to screw it up.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump.

2016 has completely destroyed historical precedent, so it’s important to realize the unpredictability of what could possibly go down in the general election this November. For now, it seems stable. But when we throw in this finger pointing and Democratic hatred towards unity, we could easily see everything come toppling down and switch hands last moment!

Some people believe indictment could occur and Clinton could be under FBI watch. I disagree with this notion. Criminal charges have been thrown upon Clinton since she was First Lady back in he 1990’s. Everything Republicans and Democrats alike tend to throw at her are usually without merit or without effect. From her Benghazi Hearings which did nothing more than prove Republicans have absolutely no evidence to a wave of emails that have yet to really come to light, if the FBI had anything against Clinton we’d already see her behind bars.

So we shouldn’t hold out for a Bernie victory simply because of the 0.0001% possibility of Clinton being “indicted”. Plus, even if she was, the American system is completely jacked up when it comes to deciding who’s corrupt. If Rick Perry can weasel his way out of indictment, Hillary Clinton (who is much better than Perry) won’t even be on file.

Again, I’ve watched diehard Bernie fans flop around in a drained lake of despair for the last few months now. “WE DON’T EVEN NEED CALIFORNIA, WE CAN DOMINATE NEW YORK” suddenly evolves into “OKAY SO WE NEED CALIFORNIA”. We see comparisons to Obama when we can clearly see the South was not in Sanders’ favor this election due to stronghold conservatism and media blackouts. But Bernie Sanders has made strong messages: he won Michigan, one of the biggest media upsets in modern political history.

So let me end this by saying it doesn’t matter if Bernie Sanders loses this election, because he’s set up a major step for progressivism to take over the Democratic base just like Bill Clinton did for blue collared Democracy. A political revolution does not happen overnight, especially if the people involved cannot yet name the names of their local and state representatives.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and by 2020 or 2024 we’ll be seeing more and more candidacies based on the ideology that Sanders has televised around the states. It’s not the end, it’s merely the beginning. But, in order to let the flower blossom we can’t allow ourselves to nip it at the bud. We need to unite this election. We need to support Hillary Clinton, who will support the progressives and listen to them in favor, because the alternative would kill it as quick as it started.

Say all you want about Hillary Clinton, but you have to realize she’s a smart politician for the most part. She realizes she needs to win this progressive vote. She realizes she needs to win her party and minority votes before conservatism which has hated her since her beginning. I don’t think she’ll swing right this time around, I believe she’ll be begging Sanders supporters for unity in a time where it is desperately needed. And Bernie Sanders needs to support this, if he wants progressivism to finally see the light of day.

If Hillary Clinton swings right in the general election against Trump? That will be when I bite my tongue and take back my statements on 2016 destroying historical precedent. Most liberal candidates swing left in the primaries but run back to the center right during the general. If she continues that trend, I’ll revoke my support and realign myself based on whatever the general may look like at the time. I live in a swing state, though. So, I might have to choose the “lesser” of two centers.

But as for right now? #ImWithHer, I still #FeelTheBern, and I’ll be happy to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho if and when work out in favor of the political game.

Hillary Clinton

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