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February 22, 2019

Cruz and Kasich: A New Alliance

Cruz and Kasich, the Republican Party’s last hopes of stealing the nomination from front-runner Donald Trump, have dropped their political differences to create a last minute, makeshift alliance. But it’s far too late.

This last ditch effort to lead the Republican Party to a contested convention was announced by both Cruz and Kasich within mere minutes of each other. According to their statements, Cruz is focusing his efforts on Indiana, the home of the second iteration of the Ku Klux Klan and a severely important Republican platform with 57 delegates up for grab, while Kasich hones in on Oregon and New Mexico – two states that equal 52 delegates on the conservative’s side (28 in the former and 24 in the latter).

This separation of advertising and campaigning is a literal attempt to split up the remaining Kasich and Cruz supporters to prevent the two candidates from preventing each other from winning states that hold all or nothing primaries.

Now, let me start off by expressing concern for Kasich’s role in the race. While yes, he happens to be the more “moderate” Republican in a Republican Party that hates moderation – and yes, I realize it’s a very sad thing that Kasich (who was once seen as a radical in his own party) is now suddenly viewed as the most sane) – his time has come. Kasich is nothing more than an obstacle in this race now, creating a blockade of minimal votes to prevent Cruz (the evangelical’s literal last hope) from pushing Trump out of the limelight.

But, rather than creating a last minute deal between themselves (perhaps a cash out for Kasich or a Cruz-Kasich ticket agreement), the two candidates would rather play a game of Risk on the remaining states within this primary season. Because, simply, Kasich believes that in a contested convention he’d be able to snag “moderate” delegates away from the dangerous Trump and Cruz camps.

I have something to tell you, Kasich: there are no more “moderate” delegates in this race. The Republican Party is long past moderation, with center-anything no longer being an option on the table. It’s not worth it anymore.

Neither Cruz nor Kasich can win this competition upright anymore – each of them need more delegates than what is available. The only hope for either of them is a contested convention, which is sure to lead to bloodshed and further defunct the remaining sectors of America’s right platform. It seems logical at this point to split up the map and its remaining delegates, perhaps to let both non-Trump candidates soak up as many as possible to let them have a better chance in said contested convention.

As for Trump? He’s just gunning to keep his momentum going. If he manages to gain enough delegates to cut a contested convention short and win the race upright, then Cruz and Kasich have literal no chance.

Kasich and Cruz are not thinking things through. Their individual egos are keeping them from defeating Trump by any means, let alone a landslide. This concept of “contested convention or bust” is what led to the demise of so many other candidates with next to nothing delegates. It’s what allowed Kasich, a literal obstacle in any Republican road to beating Trump, to stay in this race for this wrong.

The convention takes place in Kasich’s political home state of Ohio, which puts the thought in Kasich’s head that it’s in his favor. It’s not. For the last and millionth time, the delegate count isn’t in anyone’s favor but Trump by this point. Neither Cruz nor Kasich can pull through with enough to make their efforts worth anything.

This last effort to make an agreement to create a symbiotic relationship between the evangelical base and the so-called “moderate” base is far too late. It’s a middle school treaty between two nerds that have had enough of a bully. The coordination is far too late, and they need to realize this. It might make things worse for them, too. Their joint efforts might even lead would-be supporters to Donald Trump’s camp.

Despite what Paul Ryan says, the Republican Party – a scattered front of divisions and separate sectors – has been united by Donald Trump. United through fear, racism, misogyny, islamophobia, and hatred. The Republican Party is geared up to Make America Hate Again. The Republican Party is now the Party of Trump. Say hello to the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

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