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September 20, 2019

Introducing the Alternative Right

Within the already fractured right of American politics lives the “Alternative Right” — more commonly referred to as the “Alt Right Movement” on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

The Alternative Right is a diverse assortment of people who use the internet to spread their foundation, which bases itself on the idea that mainstream American conservatism is alienating itself from what they call “conservative ideals”. People who consider themselves part of this movement to the right see conservatism as “too liberal” or “too preoccupied with the wrong issues to benefit the Republican Party”.

Most of these alt-righters self-identify as members of the right-wing political opposition to liberalism, but they refuse to consider themselves a part of the center-right establishment or the so-called “elites” within the GOP, citing said alienation and opposition to the “de-radicalization” of the Republican Party.The Alt Right exists primarily in blogs, podcasts, and social media storms. The ideology is blatantly far-right (almost to the point of fascism). Members of the movement include extreme and incredibly far-right libertarians, critics of immigration reform in America, and “intellectual racists” that refuse to call themselves anti-Semites and prefer the term “race realists”. They completely oppose multiculturalism and have a white supremacist concept for American politics.

Many neocons consider themselves active members of this online platform, arguing against the modern aspects of democracy and human rights in favor of “The Dark Enlightenment”. The Dark Enlightenment, oftentimes labelled as the “neoreactionary movement”, is an anti-democratic and reactionary movement that broadly (and rather loudly) rejects quality and the historical platform of “Lincoln’s Party”. They are, unlike the so-called “Lincoln’s Party”, unified in support for Donald J. Trump.

The Alternative Right also has a strong agenda against feminism, some going as far as supporting the “Men’s Rights Movement”. Mostly middle class, white, heterosexual men who are “loaded with ideas that…have long lamented the white man’s decline.” Skepticism towards other races and conventional aspects of our societal tendencies to respect other people are common within the mindset of alt-righters. Another major platform of the Alternative Right Movement is the belief in reverse racism and white genocide.

In short, the Alt Right Movement is a new Tea Party of sorts. A new movement within the Republican Party that is going to cause further fracturing and perhaps form a third party dedicated to a segregationist and/or isolationist platform. They are your typically younger and alienated far-right conservatives who grew up in a fracturing right — a consequence of policies that the Republican Party has put upon young (and rather ignorant) minds.

“Most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.” — Rick Wilson on the alt-right movement

Not so fast, Rick Wilson. While the alt-right movement can be considered the most radical and illiterate members of the political divisions formulating within the Republican Party, there are three things you have to realize:

They are the people that believe /pol/ on 4chan is the only credible source for economic policies.

They are the people that believe in American exceptionalism and the racist intentions of far-right platforms.

They very well might be the future of the Republican Party.

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2 Responses “Introducing the Alternative Right”

  1. March 29, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Great article, Joe. I’ve quietly been keeping tabs on these people for a while now and I agree with your assessment that they may well be the wellspring of a new, and very frightening, political movement. The alt-right is the breeding ground for future fascists (of which Trump is only the first and most visible) in much the same way, I think, that disaffected World War I veterans were the breeding ground for fascist movements of the past in both Italy and Germany. The alt-right is also, unfortunately, the probably inevitable end product of a lot of “woo” thinking that’s polluted the Internet for the past 10-15 years, especially conspiracy theories, “vulgar libertarianism” (think Ron Paul), GamerGate, and the MRA/PUA underground that gave us such charming people as Eliot Rodger and Daryush Valizadeh. I wish more people understood that these seemingly disparate or apolitical segments of the Internet culture really are coalescing into a political and philosophical movement. This is it, and it’s terrifying.

    • March 29, 2016 at 11:22 am

      Thanks, Sean! I completely agree with you. It feels as if the Republican factions are giving birth to some pretty scary and insane political foundations. History will look back at the alt-right movement as a fascist party. Republicans will probably blame Obama for the problem instead of realizing they themselves messed up big time.

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