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September 20, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Terror in Brussels

A series of explosions throughout Brussels have killed multiple people.

Two blasts occurred at the city’s airport at around eight am local time, killing at least ten people and injuring thirty more.

Another blast at a subway station, near the European Union offices, came shortly afterwards. Read: Smoke billowing from Maalbeek station in Brussels (VIDEO)

All metro stations in the city have been closed, and Belgium is now under lock down. Belgium has already been on high alert, domestic terrorism has been high alert for this region of Europe ever since the Paris attacks last November.

The Belgian crisis center has issued a warning through their Twitter account declaring that all public transportation in the city has been closed. They ask for civilians to stay where they are no matter what.

Kristalina Georgieva, the current vice president of the European Union Commission, issued a statement that said all the organization’s institutions and buildings are at an alert level “orange”; all meetings have been cancelled as she advised workers and representatives to stay in their homes or at least indoors. Read: 2 explosions at Brussels airport, 1 at subway station; reports of several killed

The federal police have swarmed the airport, and CNN has been issued a statement that equals to “something has happened […] there has been an explosion”. While reporters try to get their story and police move into the scene, the country goes under lock down and dozens of people have been taken out on stretchers.

The airport itself tweeted shortly after the initial attacks, stating that there have been “two blasts” and that “the building” is currently being evacuated.

All airport operations are currently being suspended and the people are panicking despite officials attempting to keep the scene calm.

While the news is being updated, it seems as if we have unconfirmed reports and disagreements in the media over what is exactly is happening. Sky News reports that shots were fired in the airport before the explosions detonated, but local and federal authorities have yet to confirm that report.

We are unsure of exact details so far, but these attacks come only four days after Salah Abdeslam — the main suspect in the aforementioned terrorist attacks — was captured in the city itself. Read: Brussels Zaventem airport and metro explosions ‘kill at least 13’

The Belgian government has confirmed casualties, and the airport has issued the run-of-the-mill updates, but no exact numbers have yet been given.

The cause of the explosions, as of 5:52am EST, is unknown.

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