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November 18, 2019

Say Hello to President-Elect Donald Trump

I’ve been following the 2016 election since the minute the one in 2012 ended. I’m not even kidding, unfortunately. I frequently look at the political polls, I keep up to date on most of the campaigns, and I do my own independent research on the history of each candidate’s careers. If you would have told me in 2012 that real-estate tycoon and living ego Donald Trump was going to win the 2016 Republican nomination, I would have called you politically ignorant. If you would have shown me a newspaper dated from February 2016 that exclaimed “JEB BUSH SUSPENDS CAMPAIGN AS DONALD TRUMP SURGES IN SOUTH CAROLINA”, I would have exclaimed that you were really good at Photoshop.

chris-christieBut, in 2012, I’d be wrong. In 2012 we were all wondering what could replace Mitt Romney as your typical conservative candidate. We were focusing on who could possibly revive the basically defunct chapters of the eradicating Republican Party. By 2013 it looked pretty clear: Chris Christie, the so-called Elephant in the Room. Late 2013 and early 2014 is when we saw a significant rise from the New Jersey Governor, as shown here by RealClearPolitics. 

But, Chris Christie ruined himself with the so-called Bridge Scandal. Out of all the corrupt things Christie did, what ruined his first place, locked in position that he found himself in? Hugging Barack Obama. That’s right, the Republican Party despises Obama so much that even breathing in the same room as him is as if you’re ending your political career. Why? Because the base of the Republican Party is full of political babies that don’t like losing.

The polls dived for Christie, and everyone — on both parties — basically knew what just happened. Christie was done, and there was no coming back. Throughout 2014, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul briefly found themselves at the top of the polls, but we see how far it got them in the 2016 primaries. Late 2014 is when the Republican Party seemed pretty confident in Bush’s ability in the polls, raising to a steady 17% (albeit not as high as Christie’s peak, but nobody saw the so-called “smarter Bush” hugging Obama). There was a very brief moment across April 2015 when Bush and the muppet Scott Walker were virtually tied at 16.6%, but Walker stood no chance against the crippling race.

And that’s where everything collapsed on itself. Trump entered the race on June 17th, and by July 16th it was official: Donald Trump was a threat. That was the day Trump tied with Bush. At that time, everyone (including myself!) considered this a bubble. There was no way Trump could stay that high. Right? He’s an entertainer with nothing to lose, so why wouldn’t he join in the race? But, here we are, almost a year later. Jeb Bush, in retrospect, should have ended his campaign on July 16th, 2015…because that was the last day he ever saw grace in the polls. Donald Trump’s campaign literally assassinated Jeb Bush’s entire political future. 

We didn’t expect much from Donald Trump at the beginning. He was a joke candidate for so long to many of us. But, he’s done it. There’s no stopping his victories. He lost Iowa to a Pastor-In-Chief, but ever since he’s been literally dominating all factors of the Five Ring Republican Circus. New Hampshire, who has ALWAYS gone for the establishment Republican candidate, was literally handed to him, despite him not being an establishment Republican. South Carolina, a state Jeb Bush was destined to dominate in, was his before the primaries were even printed. And now? Nevada is his.

Trump is unstoppable at this point. Even Ted Cruz, the whiny and pathetic excuse of a Huckabee-esque candidate who’s managed to take a shaky sometimes-second-and-sometimes-third position in the polls, can’t stop him due to the hatred he’s accumulated from his own political party. Ben Carson is fucking delusional, thinking his God will somehow give him the victory despite him resting at less than eight percent (with a less than 5% horrific loss in Nevada). Marco Rubio, even with his robotic performance, is too busy in a nonstop kerfuffle against Ted Cruz. John Kasich, the so called moderate in the race, recently destroyed himself by defunding Planned Parenthood in his state despite the evidence stacking against claims.

I pin you a scenario, though. Imagine if Ted Cruz (who at this point has to know he can’t win at this point), along with Ben Carson (who is too delusional to realize he can’t win), and John Kasich drop out. Most of their polling numbers would find themselves amongst the Rubio Crowd. Marco Rubio is already getting a literal wave of establishment politicians that waited until the last moment to cast an endorsement, of which none of them matter in the slightest. But, with a surge of support in the polls, Marco Rubio is the last person that can actually stop a Donald Trump nomination. And…honestly? At this point? I don’t actually know which one of the two (Rubio and Trump) are worse. 

But, the egos of Christians Cruz and Carson and too high. Kasich believes he can somehow wait out Marco Rubio’s robotic shakiness until the establishment flocks to the last remaining “moderate” candidate, which he would be if something catastrophic occurred to Rubio’s standing in the polls.

So, with the election heating up while also boiling down, say hello to 2016’s GOP nomination: Donald John Trump. It’s a new age of politics, ladies and gentlemen, one that was completely unpredictable after 2012. Read More: Why Jeb Bush Dropped Out

Donald Trump

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