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October 14, 2019

You Can't Be Pro-Life AND Pro-War

I don’t care what race you are. What gender you are. Where you come from. You’re a human. And humans matter. Diplomacy > War.

That’s a tweet a wrote this morning. For all you fans of the site that don’t follow me on Twitter, you can check me out @publishingminds. It’s basically this site in 140 characters or less! But enough self-promoting, I have a serious point to get across today.

I oftentimes have people with…awkward beliefs…try and debate with me on my social media. I once had to deal with a guy who had the Jewish Star of David morphing into the Freemason’s symbol as his profile picture try to tell me the Earth was flat. I’ve had Christian extremists try telling me that the people involved with the Oregon Attack were similar to Jesus Christ because they threatened to kill people (or die trying). I’ve had to listen to Ben Carson supporters argue that their candidate is the smartest man to ever run for President because he’s a doctor. But this morning, I possibly dealt with the most ignorant person I’ve ever met on my social media.

What I tweeted this morning was an attempt to put down racism and islamophobia, two things the Republican Party love almost as much as putting down women’s rights and giving corporations huge tax breaks. It had no real political backing. Although I despise the GOP and their racist foundations, my tweet was not directed towards any political group. But, of course, some people don’t necessarily know how to read. I immediately had a self-proclaimed conservative who loves “freedom” calling me a socialist. He gave no political or historical input. He gave no credible knowledge or sources. He simply said, “So sad you have adopted socialism as a belief system. It is a failed belief system.”

Okay. Let’s back up. How is saying “Diplomacy > War” a socialist idealism? How can you label someone a “socialist” based on the simple fact that war is badThat’s the problem with most of these Cold War Republicans. They’re so outraged by anything liberal that they’re willing to shut down anything that sounds human. I was going to ignore this guy, but then I checked his profile. He proclaimed himself to be “pro-life”, just like any modern day Republican in America.


This brings me to ask the question: how the fuck can you label yourself as pro-life if you are pro-war? How can you only care about the fetus until it becomes a soldier in the draft? You’re like Robert Dear, the (wait for it!) Christian Extremist who killed people to prove that he was pro-life!

You can’t be pro-life and pro-war. How can you say you’re for life if you call someone a socialist and a failure for believing that diplomacy is better than war? Who on Earth besides warmongering conservatives like Dick Cheney would claim that bombs are better than words, especially when it comes to a race war that was started by more bombs and less words

I get the classic argument. That the “Islamic Jihadists don’t care about your political beliefs, they’ll kill you in an instant.” In fact, this was the very argument this conservative tried to exclaim to me shortly afterwards on Twitter. But, why would you call out “Islamic Jihadists” when my tweet made no mention of this? I simply said race doesn’t matter (and gender, mind you!) when it comes to diplomacy vs war. So, why would you simply bring up the ISLAMIC Jihadists? What about your Christian Extremists and Jewish ultra-Orthodox radicals? How can you single out one religious group for having radical groups? Read more on religion: Religion’s God Complex & The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Religion

That’s where I draw the line when it comes to this argument. I called him out on it, bringing up the fact that extremists exist in all faiths — including Christianity and Judaism. Want to know how I know this man is a die-hard Christian? He completely ignored the fact I brought up Judaism and dared me to “define what you think Christian Extremism is”. Oh, of course! I’d be delighted to! Where to begin? The KKK? How about any of the eight Christian extremist groups that equal ISIS?

This guy’s response was classic for your average brainwashed Republican: “you’re stupid”. It was then followed with a block.

Okay! Let me make sure I have everything correct: I’m a socialist failure for believing that diplomacy is better than war. You can somehow be pro-life while wishing for war over diplomacy, because diplomacy is socialist. Christian extremism doesn’t exist but Islam in general is an extremist ragtag group that threatens the American Dream. Next you’re going to tell me that George Bush kept us safe (by creating a power vacuum in the Middle East, destabilizing the region, and creating groups like ISIS through constant warfare) and that 9/11 was caused by Barack Obama. Right? Or are you secretly the “Jews are taking over the world by claiming the Earth isn’t flat” guy that blew up my Instagram notifications?

pro-life pro-deathHow can you manage to think this way? How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of any of your contradicting hypocrisies?

You wouldn’t know. You’re a Christian conservative in America who doesn’t have to worry about it. Stay in your fantasy land and keep the politics to the people who understand them. Twitter wars aren’t ever worth anything, and all this taught me was that people can in fact be this ignorant toward their fellow man. Only in America can you label yourself as pro-life and be pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-guns, pro-torture, pro-fucking over humanity.

So, I repeat my statement. I don’t care what race you are, or what gender you are. I don’t care where you come from, what nationality you hold dear to you, or what your name is. You’re a human. Human lives — regardless of what their age, their gender, their nationality, or their level of importance in our society actually is — truly matter. It’s 2016, we shouldn’t be this fucking barbaric over it. Diplomacy is always better than war. No matter what. And you CANNOT label yourself as pro-life if you’re willing to watch and let people die when diplomacy is in fact an option.

pro-life and pro-war

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  1. February 18, 2016 at 10:55 am

    Did he have a crying eagle head as his Twitter avatar?

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