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August 23, 2019

The Endless Flow of Society: A Conclusion

The Endless Flow of Society is a piece I wrote throughout October of 2015. On the topics of society, religion, mental health, and government, I put my own “personal philosophy” down for people to read. I debated what to do with this piece. I considered publishing it as an e-book, putting it online as a PDF for everyone to read, perhaps getting my local newspaper to put it up bit by bit. I’ve been debating this with myself since I finished it, but I’ve decided to post it as a series on my personal website. So, I give to you the “manifesto” of my mind, a collection of unedited thoughts of mine.


1. A Brief Introduction
2. On the Topic of Society
3. On the Topic of Religion
4. On the Topic of Mental Health
5. On the Topic of Government
6. A Conclusion

The world is made up of two infinite entities: that of the institution, and that of the individual. These are eternally locked together in terms of importance, with the institution needing to keep individuals influenced in order to keep their position of power and the individuals holding the ability to overthrow ANY desired institution through a transitional period of modern history.

We, in general, search for autonomy. We search and crave for a form of individuality that sets us free from the shackles of social connections. We want to be unique, to such an extent that we express ourselves in a multitude of different ways. We express our thoughts, our personalities, and our ideas. But the sad fact is that institutions, who desire – nay, they crave – power in a society that sets itself up for it, need the individuals to work together. 

Institutions need unique individuality to shape themselves into a “norm”, and we – the individuals – classify those who disregard as against social standards in return. The truth is simple: through SOCIETY’S morals and values, through the oppression of personal philosophy in the modern RELIGIOUS war, through the unfortunate classifications of MENTAL HEALTH, and through the GOVERNMENT institutions taking over the importance of EDUCATION, we are suppressing ideas from their very birth.

It is of dire importance that we, as individuals, realize that we in fact have a psychological sovereignty, the ability to think, act, and do for ourselves; and personal philosophy, a type of mental commitment that separates us from everyone else. We, as individuals, have always created ideas, and thus our ideas have created strong opinionated forces throughout society when allowed to. We must, in any way possible, express ideas in nonviolent and intellectual ways.

The river is widening at a rapid rate, which means the transitional period is upon us. So why not attempt to rewrite the rules and morals in a collapsing “pyramid” of columns and idealism? We strive for autonomy, singularity, and push for the appreciation of our individual ideas and concepts, yet we’re so far gone and dependent upon the very sources of social construct that depend upon the individualistic support?

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but nothing – and I mean nothing – is mightier than a mere idea that can grab a hold of our society as a majority.

As for that majority?

If we are in fact facing a transitional period, it’s pretty clear what they want.

This entire piece, The Endless Flow of Society, has been fifty pages’ worth of content. Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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