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The Endless Flow of Society

The Endless Flow of Society: A Brief Introduction

The Endless Flow of Society is a piece I wrote throughout October of 2015. On the topics of society, religion, mental health, and government, I put my own “personal philosophy” down for people to read. I debated what to do with this piece. I considered publishing it as an e-book, putting it online as a PDF for everyone to read, perhaps getting my local newspaper to put it up bit by bit. I’ve been debating this with myself since I finished it, but I’ve decided to post it as a series on my personal website. So, I give to you the “manifesto” of my mind, a collection of unedited thoughts of mine.


  1. A Brief Introduction
  2. On the Topic of Society
  3. On the Topic of Religion
  4. On the Topic of Mental Health
  5. On the Topic of Government
  6. A Conclusion

Let it be clear that while writing this collection of thoughts, my intentions were not to offend anyone but to educate them on the concept of different ideas. While it is inevitable that some people will be greatly offended by the content within my own personal philosophy and therefore any idea I manage to describe in full detail within these pages, the mere concept of censoring these topics goes against everything stated from within this, perhaps my own version of a “manifesto”, The Endless Flow of Society.

The world has always been an elongated spectrum of something we arbitrarily call ideas. Thoughts, inventions, the process of all social matter, the creation of us as a civilized and coordinated society, and every stake we’ve thrust into the heart of intellectual progress. Some have been more dominant than others, being accepted by most of humanity – an infrastructure composed of millions, and at this point even billions, of individuals who all go through the eternal struggle of complex interactions. These ideas are accepted and therefore thrive on the unquestionable majority rule we can see throughout our own society. Others, on the other hand, have been burned at stake and lost to the endless flow of our own ignorance and arrogance, leading factors in what will surely be the beginning of the demise of our intellectual progress in this era of great transition.

But what exactly is an idea? By looking up the word, one will only scratch the surface of such a vast entity; for an idea is more than just something that one can imagine within their mind. Ideas are the glue that hold the mind together – the very drive that keeps a philosophical way of life going while also holding the potential to change the world. Everything in our lives can be traced back to an idea, one that was nurtured and accepted throughout our domain before becoming commonplace within our very own history.

Consider a revolution, a rebellion that overthrows previous ideas – of government, of standards, of society itself – in favor and promise of brand new beginnings. A group of people that come together in favor of new concept: change. Thus, we can boil history down into nothing more than several epochs of mere ideas which had perpetuated society into believing in such powerful notions, creating strong and powerful governments and faiths. Society itself, which is created, shaped, reformed, and dominated by thousands of ideas which clash into each other constantly – fighting for influence within the individuals along with their psychological sovereignty that could adopt them through their own personal philosophy in order to become the next powerful and dominant way of thought – can be seen as a melting pot, a fusion of everything that has ever been considered an idea.

Within this, The Endless Flow of Society, the topics concerning the history and modern day collapse – the next transition of – SOCIETY will be plainly laid out; the “problems” with RELIGION and the unbearable conversation or perhaps gratitude of the Theological Stage, the very beginning of our progress as a species, will be picked apart; the unfortunate realization of our MENTAL HEALTH demise, with the neurodiversity of people being deliberately downgraded into disorders and the tricky topic of suicide – the true destruction of any ideas – will be brought to the attention of those who inflict pain on themselves and/or others; the true definition of GOVERNMENT will be brought into the attention spans of those who disagree or hold no opinion towards the concept, those of the silent majority; and everything wrong with our current standards for EDUCATION will be tied into the true “de-evolution” of our intelligence, as a transitional society, and the mere definition of an IDEA itself.

So I begin my claims with these important questions. How do simple IDEAS and the DESIRE for CHANGE influence a MOVEMENT to start a REVOLUTION in order to rebuild the unconditional and somewhat foundation-controlling structures of our SOCIETY? How can the most basic THOUGHT be accepted by our CULTURE in order to evolve into a THEORY that can be designated as a FACT rather than OPINION across the entire globe? And what terrible CONSEQUENCES can wait beneath the shadows of humanity because of a single idea…or LACK THEREOF?



I’m a writer and historian. Simple enough, right? I enjoy philosophy, sociology, social psychology, politics, basic programming, statistics, and old books. Unlike the stereotypical leftist, I do not necessarily censor myself. I apologize in advance if you find yourself offended by something I’ve said; but I do enjoy hearing criticism and having debates.

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  • The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Society

    The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Society

    What matters to us is the river. Not the independent, microscopic drops of water which, without, the river would not exist. Now, to us, the river will always look the same. Day after day, year after year, era after era; the river looks the same to us all. We see nothing more than an endless stream – reflecting its surroundings, of course, but still nothing more than a river. However, what cannot be seen by us – or in some cases what is refused to be seen – is the nonstop growth of the river. Little by little, day by day, the individual drops of water, each representing an idea, a concept, a revolution, a person just like yourself, erode the banks of the river. Thus, we allow for growth along with destruction. Our own society begins to chip away solemnly at itself through the ideas that continuously fight from within. This, of course, is the continuation of the ideological war on our psychological sovereignty.

  • The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Religion

    The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Religion

    Religion itself is an institution. It fits the quota perfectly, if you look closely at the goals pertaining to faith as an in-group. The whole point of an institution is to regulate the laws and ideas of society while spreading its own influence towards the general population of individuals to stay dominant. We see the institutions attempt to work around personal philosophy in order to stake claims into the society itself, growing more powerful in nature and appearing strong to those who consider themselves apart of it. Those individuals within an institution oftentimes wish to be protected by such. Those who are against powerful institutions oftentimes keep opinions and ideas to themselves in fear of being placed into an out-group that cannot participate within the interdependence of society. Religion has all of these points and then some, creating the perfect manifest to become a literal face of the institution itself.

  • The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Mental Health

    The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Mental Health

    Thus, I encourage everyone to write what they think. Write what they believe. Write the endless amounts of personal philosophy, and write the ideas that pour from your mind on a daily basis. I encourage the open endorsement of others’ ideas – of difference and of opinion, of factual basis and foundational changes. I encourage within these words to draw and paint and create longlasting impressions of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. For those remnants of your life, the words and the speeches; the canvases and scrap pieces of paper; they will outlast you. They will be seen, heard of, mentioned, by those who live long after you. The river will then endorse such idealism, and the widening of the river may be accredited to any amount of individuals. Perhaps then the noticeable shifts in society will open up to the minds of those who have never once wrote, never once spoke, or never once drawn their own opinions, personal philosophies, and ideas.

  • The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Government

    The Endless Flow of Society: On the Topic of Government

    What is government? An idea. An institution. An elitist opinionated group – whether it be through royal blood-reigned monarchy or iron fisted tyranny or elected democracy. How the power is exhumed is unimportant when it comes to the advantages perceived by those of status. This idea, one that has banded our society together since the very first settlements in our society, is a remnant of the original Old. Along with fetishism, the worship of trees and water and such, came the primitive thought of social status. Of social rank. We see early chieftains and village elders, ones who led simply though respect, and eventually early kings and emperors, ones who led oftentimes through pulling the strings of the early versions of theology or through power. In short, an institution which connects the string of other institutions.

  • The Endless Flow of Society: A Conclusion

    The Endless Flow of Society: A Conclusion

    We, in general, search for autonomy. We search and crave for a form of individuality that sets us free from the shackles of social connections. We want to be unique, to such an extent that we express ourselves in a multitude of different ways. We express our thoughts, our personalities, and our ideas. But the sad fact is that institutions, who desire – nay, they crave – power in a society that sets itself up for it, need the individuals to work together.


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Joseph Kaminski
I’m a writer and historian. Simple enough, right? I enjoy philosophy, sociology, social psychology, politics, basic programming, statistics, and old books.


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