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October 15, 2019

Does the World Need a World Policeman?

The date is May 8th, 1945. The occasion would be VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day. To some people, this is the end of World War II, others may attempt to argue that it didn’t end until the peace treaty signed with Japan occurred in 1951.

However, the powerhouse of Nazi Germany has fallen — and the world begins to rebuild socially and culturally. For centuries, Great Britain had been looked up to as the world policeman. In 1815, during the Congress of Vienna, which had the primary goal of redrawing the political borders of Europe to punish France, four countries were looked up upon: Russia, Prussia, Austria and Great Britain. The world is this ever expanding group of cultures and significant authorities controlled by larger political countries. Whether it be 1815 under Russia, Prussia, Austria and Britain, or 1943 with Britain and Germany, the world has looked up to this World Policeman. In today’s modern world, America happens to be in this position. Several events in Modern History have been because of the fact that we are seen as the world’s policeman. The Cold War, for example, was a massive verbal race between America and Russia to see who was better.

If you attempt to argue that America lost this “war”, you would have little to no evidence. While it is true the Soviets in Russia during this time were the first to send a man into space, America was the first to step on the moon, planting the flag and showing superiority to Russia. Eventually, the Cold War fizzled down and America still held tightly onto its position in the world. Twelve presidents later, and America still grips tightly onto the fact that they are the world policeman. But should they? Understand the fact that America, in recent times, cannot even keep their own government open.

We’ve thought about this position for over a century now, ever since our victories in the Spanish-American War and World War I, but the American ego was boosted even further after the end of World War II.

Senators argue about everything from foreign war to domestic policies, and the ongoing war on the home-front between Liberals and Conservatives is a major waste of time due to national policies so corrupted that nothing could fix them. The fact of the matter is that certain other world powers, such as China and Russia, are watching. Waiting for the chance to strike America in its economic wound, and become the world policeman.

America should no longer cling to its role as the top dog if they cannot handle keeping open their own government. The government has shut down several times in just the past few years over very childish issues, such as not agreeing on a health care law, disagreeing on big vs little government, and extending the debt limit before certain dates. However, that does not necessarily mean any country should have a world policeman. Does the world really need an overly corrupted government to control its world policies?

When Syria decided to go against the UNITED NATIONS, many other countries backed down and let America do the world a favor. The world shouldn’t have to rely on one, two, three, or in the Congress of Vienna’s case four nations to decide what is to become of the domestic and foreign policies. While it does have have pros for having a world cop, such as an easier way to avoid world wars and issues against regulations, and it is easy to see that a world filled with isolationist countries would lead us nowhere. However, without a world cop, there would be less rivalry between the more developed and industrial countries.

The world does have issues when it comes to choosing how the world will progress forward. However, relying on stronger countries will lead nowhere, as that country could do the wrong thing. Rivalries between the more industrialized countries will eventually lead to debt ceilings and world wars, as history has shown. However, despite all of this, if we don’t have a world cop, smaller countries would develop nuclear and chemical weapons and have no rules for them. A chemist, a very long time ago, tried to get the world to give nuclear weapons to smaller countries to allow them to feel the power countries like America and Russia felt on a daily basis. He, of course, was laughed out of the building.

This was written on October 21st, 2013. I recently found it on one of my flash drives. I thought it deserved to be posted.

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