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October 14, 2019

Pastor in Chief Wins Iowa Caucus

While the Iowa Caucus really doesn’t matter at all, we tend to gravitate towards early “primary” states to see how our candidates might do across the country. Of course, we really shouldn’t care. It’s a small percentage of a small population in a small state that doesn’t get any media attention in between each four years. Even if the caucus took place in a larger and more prominent state, let’s just say California or New York in terms of population, I don’t necessarily believe that it would matter.

Now, the Democratic side was pretty close. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton basically tied — don’t try to deny it. The numbers were so close throughout the entire night and the final numbers shows us a clear result: less than .4% in between. Clinton was declared the “apparent winner” at 49.9% and Bernie Sanders received around 49.5%. Honestly, if there’s less than half a percent in difference, then it’s a tie. And then we have the Polk County Voter Fraud from Clinton’s side that was captured by CSPAN. But, that’s besides the point. I, personally, am going to fully support Clinton if Sanders doesn’t make the nomination.

Clinton is the “apparent winner”, Clinton and Sanders shared such similar numbers that a fucking coin flip declared Clinton the winner. Martin O’Malley, basically ashamed, dropped out of the race shortly afterwards.

Now lets take a look at the Republican side of this Iowa Caucus.

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4 Responses “Pastor in Chief Wins Iowa Caucus”

  1. February 2, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    I’m very glad to see Huckabee leave the race. He’s fulsome. Although I detest Cruz I can’t say I’m that upset to see him win. He punctured the Donald pretty bad, and a Cruz nomination will wreck the Republican Party probably even more devastatingly than Trump would have. The party hates, I mean hates, hates, hates, *hates* Ted Cruz. Watching them run around the country and try to support his candidacy while retching at the stink of it is going to be quite amusing. Of course if Trump comes back it’s going to be even more of a bloodbath.

    I’m also glad to see Bush flat-lining. I got a big belly laugh at Rand Paul picking up one lonely delegate. Now the Randroids and Paulbots will spend all day on Twitter spinning this as a libertarian revolution. But then again many of them believe that Ron Paul actually did win the election in 2012 and the media covered it up. Libertarians are nothing if not gifted self-deluders.

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