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November 18, 2019

Huckabee & O'Malley End Their Campaigns

Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee both ended their presidential campaigns after horrible performance in the Iowa Caucus. After failing to register any support, the two former governors (of Maryland and Arkansas) dropped out rather quickly.

Huckabee and O'Malley

Mike Huckabee (left) and Martin O’Malley (right)

Honestly, both of these candidates felt the pressure from the dominant personalities of the primaries. Huckabee, a bible-thumping conservative who did nothing but preach hate his entire campaign, was outperformed in his own political foundation by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Cruz took all of Huckabee’s God-fearing evangelicals and Trump took all of Huckabee’s white angst populists who desired fear and hate.

O’Malley was also overwhelmingly crushed by two separate personalities: those of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. O’Malley just couldn’t drum up any attention. He has no buzz, no real foundation in public opinion, and no real business running in a race dominated by the two incredibly charismatic performers.

Both Huckabee and O’Malley were pathetic at debates. They couldn’t really keep the attention of either of their political platforms. Democrats were too busy “Feeling the Bern” or standing with “Her” to notice the small-state governor begging for attention in the corner. Huckabee, on the other hand, fell quickly. He was proud to be in the top three when there was only five candidates on the Republican side. Then, after the clown car of the GOP filled quickly, he was quickly sent down to the kiddie table debates with the candidates that don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Rand Paul, when isolated to kiddie table land, decided to skip the debate entirely. Huckabee, on the other hand, just made a fool out of himself.

Both Huckabee and O’Malley banked on winning Iowa. They new their campaigns wouldn’t ever be able to kickstart themselves if they didn’t gain attention in the upper midwest. In an election season designed around anti-establishment candidates, the corrupt stances of bible-thumping Huckabee and plastic-boy O’Malley really didn’t resonate well with voters.

In short, they’re gone. Huckabee cried on Twitter a few weeks ago, claiming if he didn’t make it to at least the top three in Iowa he’d be dropping out the same day. O’Malley has stayed rather quiet this entire time, making it seem like he had a chance to win at least some attention in the Hawk-eye State. They’ve left the debate. Less than 2 percent of the Republican vote is up for grabs and less than one percent is probably going to be quickly adopted by Clinton on the Democratic side.

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