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October 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders: Why I Am Feeling The Bern

This is a repost from my previous site, from October 2015. So, take in mind that a lot more has happened since then.

I admit it: I was one of those annoying political devotees that were researching possible 2016 political candidates back in 2012. For the longest time, I considered myself to lean moderately conservative on the political spectrum. However, as more and more agonizingly stupid troubles erupt from the current right-wing side (I’m looking at you Tom Cotton, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Rick Perry, etc.), I’ve managed to find myself in the political shoes of so many neglected and now exiled Republicans. Those such as Lincoln Chafee and Charlie Crist have been removed from the Republican ideology, becoming moderate Democrats even though many of their policies seem to shine through to Eisenhower Republicanism. I’ve always despised political candidates such as Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz; and I’ve discovered over the last couple years that the radical right of the Republican party has been tugging on the centre right, causing a once moderate committee to vanish. But the more I look at politics, the more I question my moderate stances that I had to begin with. I’ve moved pretty far left in the last year or so.

Now, unlike many of my followers (I’m sure to lose a few due to this post), I am not #ReadyForHillary. From the very beginning of this pre-pre-primary, I’ve shown my support towards Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, United States Senator from Vermont who has won a majority of his career through his Independent yet oh-so-left platform. (Although, comparative to the rest of the world he’s not as left as American media tries to proclaim.)

Now, the news happens to do a wonderful job at downplaying Bernie. His quotes are oftentimes warped or ignored, CNN forces him to sit through agonizingly biased and unmoderated debates, Update 10/18/15: And apparently CNN deletes pro-Sanders comments as well! and many of his quickly moving and popular ideas are being ignored as news stations follow Clinton’s favorite emoji and other random celebrity-esque news stories as if they happen to be the best thing in American politics. At least in Britain their left-winger happens to be Ray Romano’s twin. Many news sources have somewhat declared former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to be Hillary Clinton’s biggest rival when it comes to the 2016 Primary. This is not the case. As a recent Wisconsin poll (in which 500 Democrats were a part of), Hillary Clinton is only 8% ahead of Bernie Sanders, the 73 year old radical who is slowly yet surely making his way across America as shown by his increasing numbers, as shown in his recent Iowa tours.

Many people scoff at Bernie Sanders, calling him way too old to run for president. Sanders, as just stated, is currently 73. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is currently 67, only six years younger than him. Not enough age factor for you? President Ronald Reagan was 69 years, 349 days (so just shy of 70) years old at his inauguration on January 20, 1981. So Ronald Reagan, the so-called God of the Republican Party (despite the fact he wouldn’t and couldn’t win the Republican ticket in today’s era), was only three years younger in his first term and older than Bernie Sanders during his second.

He answers more questions than Hillary Clinton, he’s not shying away from his own political beliefs in fear of losing any votes (hence he’s not being careful and is speaking exactly what he thinks), and he’s even calling for more debates. That being said, a huge majority of the incoherent yellow journalism against Bernie Sanders has just been snubbed out. Here are four of the reasons I completely throw my support (and my vote) to Bernie Sanders.  I’ve even already ordered a shirt. You can click the following graphics for official statements, and if you want “backup proof” a simple google search will answer all of your questions.

Click me! Source: www.sanders.senate.gov

Click me! Source: www.berniesanders.com


Click me! Source: www.berniesanders.com

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