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The Criminal Cruz Crew

Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas who has been running from indictment charges since August 2014, recently endorsed Ted Cruz. Perry has run for the Presidency himself twice, failing in ways that could get him crowned the King of Stupid. Perry claims that he really only has the choice of Cruz and Trump, according to an interview with Politico. So, in short, he’s really only endorsing Cruz because he seems him as “more conservative”.

Rick Perry

Perry’s endorsement “blesses” Cruz’s already sinking campaign with the longest serving Texan Governor’s support. But lots of people are forgetting something crucially important: Rick Perry, an unfathomably mentally challenged politician, is a criminal.

On August 15th, 2014, Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury in Travis County. Caught in the act, Perry was charged with abuse of official office, a first-degree federal felony. What did he do? He threatened to veto a $7.5 million funding bill towards the Public Integrity Unit, a state public corruption prosecutor’s department.

The second charge, ruled unconstitutional, was coercion of a public servant – a third-degree felony. He sought for and demanded the resignation of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, after she was convicted of drunk driving. Perry pleaded not guilty, but went through both trials.

On July 24th, 2015, the Court of Appeals dismissed the coercion of a public official indictment, claiming that it violated his First Amendment rights to free speech. However, the indictment for abuse of his governing power (a charge that could carry a potential prison sentence of 5 to 99 years) is still weighing on Perry’s shoulders.

In short, a criminal politician with a history of abusing power just endorsed Ted Cruz! Doesn’t that say something? Now, we can see exactly who supports the “uber-conservative” from Canada:

Goldman-Sachs; a leading global investment bank and member of the elitist Wall Street billionaire club which already has conflicting connections to Ted Cruz. His wife works for them, and they (at one point) gave him a million-dollar loan.

Duck Dynasty; an American reality television show which portrays the life of uber-Christian and incredibly wealthy duck hunters from the south. Once again, really rich and really religious people seem to like Ted Cruz.

Glenn Beck; a failure of a television persona who was too far-right for the figures at Fox News. Known for preaching the end times and blaming everything on the Democratic Party, even though his favorite President George Bush is at fault.

Rick Perry; a criminal of a Texan politician, supporting Ted Cruz (yet another criminal of a Texan politician) who claims to only be supporting him because he is “more conservative” than anyone else.

So, Ted Cruz’s top figures of endorsement come from two incredibly sources and two far-right nutcases. Goldman-Sachs sees an easy puppet. Duck Dynasty sees Jesus in Ted Cruz’s sunken, television evangelical face. Glenn Beck sees the end times approaching unless Ted Cruz does something quick. Rick Perry sees a guy just like himself who could possibly fish him out of political trouble.

If that’s what Rick Perry means by “conservative”, then the American Republican Party is fucked.



I’m a writer and historian. Simple enough, right? I enjoy philosophy, sociology, social psychology, politics, basic programming, statistics, and old books. Unlike the stereotypical leftist, I do not necessarily censor myself. I apologize in advance if you find yourself offended by something I’ve said; but I do enjoy hearing criticism and having debates.

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Joseph Kaminski
I’m a writer and historian. Simple enough, right? I enjoy philosophy, sociology, social psychology, politics, basic programming, statistics, and old books.


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