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October 22, 2019

America’s Worst Governors

We’ve seen some interesting scandals and some pretty terrible careers within the past year when it comes to our state-leveled executives. Consider this post a denouncement, if you will, for the following Governors of American states that have proven time and time again that they don’t belong in office. I’m going as far to call these men the worst Governors in America.

You know what’s pretty funny about this? Out of all the research I did, America’s worst Governors are all REPUBLICANS.

From corruption to stupidity, these are the American Governors that should be impeached — or, in the very least, not be re-elected or allowed into political office in the future — in no specific order…

Paul LePage; Governor of Maine

A Republican Tea Party favorite, Paul LePage’s entire political career is nothing more than a series of nonintellectual and questionable temper tantrums that have put him on a track of negative attention.

We’re talking about the man who, when running for his first election back in 2010, he told an audience of potential voters that when he became governor,  newspaper headlines from across the nation would scream “LePage Tells Obama To Go to Hell”.

As soon as he was elected, he entered the political world by refusing to attend a Martin Luther King, Jr. event with the NAACP. He declined an NAACP request to meet with black inmates at the Maine State Prison. When the NAACP complained that the newly elected governor wasn’t willing to discuss issues of race, he promptly went on his first temper tantrum on live television; telling a reporter to “Tell them [the NAACP] they can kiss my butt.” He went on further to say that he would not be “held hostage” by the NAACP or by any “special interest groups”.

But that’s not where the craziness ends. Governor LePage has grown crazier as time has gone by.

In February 2011, LePage made some more whacky statements which once again gained him national negative media. After the Maine Board of Environmental Protection banned Bisphenol A, a type of low-leveled toxin used during the production and manufacturing of plastic water bottles, the Governor came out in favor of repealing the decision.

He stated, and quote, “There hasn’t been any science that identifies that there is a problem. The only thing that I’ve heard is if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So the worst case is some women may have little beards… and we don’t want that.”

On March 28, a little over a month after his horrendously ignorant and somewhat sexist comment, the LePage administration reported that it had dropped its opposition to the new BPA regulations. After a unanimous vote in the Senate with only three opposing votes in the state House of Representatives, Maine passed a bill to ban the use of BPA effectively starting January 1, 2012.

Governor LePage, stubborn-headed and ignorant, refused to sign the bill. But, since the legislature was overwhelmingly on the right side, it became official law without his signature.

He continued to make headlines after announcing his plans to remove a historical mural depicting the state’s labor movement from the lobby of the Maine Department of Labor offices, proposing funding to go to religious schools, claiming the IRS is “the new Gestapo” due to their role in enforcing American law, and quickly making enemies with every newspaper in the state due to his beliefs of censorship.

There’s just so much negativity behind Governor LePage’s entire political career — from threatening individuals to blaming “drug dealers” named “D-Money, Smoothie, [and] Shifty” for selling heroin and “impregnating young white girls” before they leave the great, mild-mannered state of Maine.

Chris Christie; Governor of New Jersey

At one point, Chris Christie was the elephant in the room for the Republican Party. He was a savior; someone who showed ‘true conservative values’ and offered a real answer for where the establishment could go.

And then everything ended for him when he hugged Obama shortly after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Garden State.

Lots of corruption has swirled around Christie’s head since then. In 2010, Christie signed an executive bill that declared that the Governor of New Jersey would be allowed to take extravagant gifts from foreign heads of state, officially making it legal for himself to accept “lavish” gifts without any consequence. In fact, he immediately took up on that offer. A $30,000 trip paid for Abdullah, the King of Jordan, plays an interesting role in Christie’s political history.

Chris Christie is a bully, hoping to squeeze as much juice out of the orange that is politics for as long as he possibly can. One major incident that has followed Christie throughout his career was a video in which he is shouting at a teacher who dared to criticize him at a lackluster campaign rally.

He’s got this mafioso style of a tough-guy image when he can barely keep it up. And look at how far it got him in his 2016 bid for the Republican nomination for President! All he did was argue with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio before obliterating himself into the stratosphere.

He isn’t the only person under fire for corruption in his administration, either. Christie’s top aide Bridget Anne Kelley was caught in a scandal in which she emailed “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” from a poorly-secured Yahoo account shortly before she possibly committed voter fraud!

He’s vetoed anti-corruption clauses to save his own hide, taken tons of cash from Wall Street, and openly endorsed corruption throughout his governorship. And, as New Jersey newspapers call for his immediate resignation, he pours a small bag of M&Ms into a bigger bag of M&Ms at an NCAA tournament basketball game.

But, he’s still clinging desperately onto his political career. After endorsing Donald Trump — perhaps out of pure spite and hatred for Marco Rubio — Chris Christie might be hoping for takeoff within the next few months.

Robert Bentley; Governor of Alabama

Your typical case of Republican hypocrisy, Robert Bentley has managed to create a bit of a stir in the conservative community.

Literally running on “family values” throughout his governorship, Bentley has been recently caught in a bit of a sex scandal.

Seems like a running theme for Christian-obsessive conservatives, huh? Yet the party loves bashing people like Bill Clinton for it.

Robert Bentley has got some explaining to do. Last month, some audio recordings from 2014 surfaced. It turns out him and one of his aides, Rebekah Mason, have had some sexually explicit conversations.

Both of them denied having a physical affair, but the scandal was enough for Bentley and his wife to file for divorce a year afterwards.

Although Bentley has apologized, maintaining he did nothing illegal, it’s pretty obvious his foundation for “family values” literally means absolutely nothing now. He’s now facing an uphill battle, with both disgusted Republicans and eager Democrats jumping for him to resign.

I have truly asked the people of this state, that are the most loving and the best people in the world, I have asked them to forgive me. It’s mine. I own it. I did it. I point no fingers at anybody else. — Robert Bentley, the child of God who loves family values but let a verbal affair break his family apart.

Scott Walker; Governor of Wisconsin

Ah, yes! The man who claimed fighting ISIS is just like stopping labor unions that benefit the working class! Let’s just go through the train-wreck that this Olaf the Snowman duplicate has started.

During the drastic budget cuts Wisconsin saw throughout 2011 and 2012, the University of Wisconsin system saw cuts of up to $1.15 billion, a 13 percent cut from the previous year.

Who signed the laws that ruined Wisconsin’s higher education system? Scott Walker. Who was asked to leave his own university during his earlier years? Scott Walker.

Scott Walker also led the charge to remove collective bargaining in order to balance the budget, causing unions and labor groups across the country to despise him. He’s been quoted as calling Labor Unions the equivalent to ISIS, and has made his entire political career around ruining the working class.

Walker and conservatives that closely align to his ideals use the threat of “others” trying to falsely influence elections to push for tighter ID restrictions. In short, Scott Walker has repeatedly attempted voter fraud and is trying to bring back the core racist voting regulations that fascists around the country long for.

And who could forget back in 2013 when he and his friends urged supporters to skip Black Friday shopping so they had money to donate to his campaign? A little desperate and really hopeful, Walker thought he could tell citizens of Wisconsin what to actually do with their money!

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington rather recently placed Scott Walker on “The Worst Governors in America,” at sixth place due to his tendency to use state troopers to track down opponents and pushing multiple investigations into possible “illegal activity” within their fundraising. This pretty much shows us Scott Walker can’t handle competition, doesn’t it?

His anti-union activities draws tons of praise from billionaire political advocates, including the Koch Brothers. But huge campaign contributions didn’t do anything for Scott Walker’s failure of a 2016 Presidential campaign.

He dropped out awkwardly after performing horrendously in debates and wasting most of the money given to him. His all out war on the working class has mixed with his failure to generate jobs and higher wages, making Wisconsin a cesspool for corruption, fraud, and unemployment.

Mike Pence; Governor of Indiana

On March 26th, 2015, Mike Pence made national headlines with Indiana Senate Bill 101, also known as the “religious objections” bill.

This discriminatory law was immediately met with widespread criticism, as it openly made it legal for hatred against LGBT people within the state.

Many businesses with anchors within the LGBT community halted all action within the state, cancelling and abruptly ending thousands of jobs and earning the denouncement of several other states. The mayors of both San Francisco and Seattle banned official travel to all of Indiana because of it while thousands protested in the streets.

Five GOP state representatives, those who hold conservative values of marriage, voted against the bill; and Greg Ballard, the Republican mayor of Indianapolis, denounced the law by saying it “sends the wrong signal about the state of Indiana.”

To mess up so bad that your own party ranks aren’t even on your side; Mike Pence ended up bringing religious liberty into everything. He continued to claim that the bill wasn’t discriminatory at all, claiming it merely gave people more “religious liberty” in the process.

“We are not going to change this law,” Mike Pence said, while refusing to answer whether or not his bill could be classified as discrimination against LGBT people. “If I saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple, I wouldn’t eat there anymore. As governor of Indiana, if I were presented a bill that legalized discrimination against any person or group, I would veto it.”

Due to the national backlash, Pence signed legislation revising the law to prevent potential discrimination on April 2, 2015. The damage, however, is already done. Once a rising star in the Republican ranks, Mike Pence’s political career is most likely finished by his next election year.

If that wasn’t enough, Pence recently announced a new tax-run newspaper known as JustIN (a play on of “just in” and “just in Indiana”). Many news stories compared the new JustIN service to state-run news agencies in autocratic regimes such as China and North Korea.

Pat McCrory; Governor of North Carolina

On March 23, 2016, McCrory signed the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act into law, which (like Mike Pence’s bill) has gained national attention for being incredibly anti-LGBT.

The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act prohibits anti-discrimination rules being established except on bases contained in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Officially called “An act to provide for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities in schools and public agencies and to create statewide consistency in regulation of employment and public accommodations”, the bill is literally a workaround all previous and all future laws that could up-heave it.

Because the state’s anti-discrimination laws do not include discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender status, the legislation has been widely described as anti-LGBT and thus can be classified as a horrendous method of oppressing men and women (and to even the extend of children) of their natural rights if they label themselves as gay, lesbian, or transgender.

The act also prohibits the establishment of a minimum wage above the state minimum, and limits the definition of gender as the sex every individual was born as; this forces all government-controlled facilities to maintain single-sex bathrooms for matching biological sex only.

But, his rather asinine ideology towards LGBT people isn’t the only problem with Pat McCrory. He’s a government puppet for energy companies, with his sketchy presence within Duke Energy.

Following the 2014 coal-ash spill (the third-largest of its kind in US history, mind you) the US Attorney’s Office opened a grand-jury investigation into Duke Energy and North Carolina regulators in the administration of Governor Pat McCrory. McCrory had been an employee of Duke Energy for 28 years! In August of that same year, McCrory announced that he had previously owned more than $10,000 in Duke Energy stock, and that he had sold it all shortly after the coal-ash spill.

Rick Scott; Governor of Florida

Rick Scott has changed his position, reversing himself in complete 180 turns, on Medicaid expansion in Florida three times — in 2012, 2013 and 2015. He’s denied children the money they need to survive just because one of their unemployed parents couldn’t pass a drug test. And, most importantly, he doesn’t have a strong stance on climate change.

Let me say this again: the Governor of a state that is a god-damned peninsula surrounded by water isn’t quite too sure if global warming is a threat to Floridian beaches and civilians.

And do I even need to mention his capitalistic attitude towards private prisons?

Matt Bevin; Governor of  Kentucky

Your typical, sad excuse for a Tea Party backed Republican executive. Bevin has continuously criticized the Affordable Care Act and has gone as calling for repealing it entirely.

Let me describe Matt Bevin’s political career in one sentence:

In the past, he has called for massive spending cuts in the federal bureaucracy (specifically the Department of Education and the Veterans Administration), and for reforming eligibility requirements for entitlement programs, including raising age requirements, imposing means tests, and ending federal benefits to undocumented immigrants.

Okay, let me get this straight. Kentucky’s Governor is for ruining the education system, giving no benefits to the men and women who protect this country, raising all age requirements, and — you guessed it! — he hates immigrants.

Okay, so he’s a dick to people. But that is not all!

On April 2, 2014, the News Journal reported that Bevin spoke at a pro-cockfighting rally in Corbin, Kentucky. Asked about his attendance, Bevin said he understood that the rally was a states’ rights event: “I was the first person to speak and then I left.”

Oh, the states’ rights excuse that literally every Republican seems to use whenever they does something fucking stupid! Now granted, that occurred before he became Governor. Then how the hell did he win the election to begin with?

Well, he’s been Governor of Kentucky for four months now, and he’s already messing everything up.

Sam Brownback; the Governor of Kansas

Where to begin with Governor Brownback?

Well, in 2011 alone he signed three anti-abortion bills.

One of which was a bill that banned all abortion after 21 weeks based simply on his own personal belief that fetuses can feel pain at the point.

Another was a bill that required a doctor get a parent’s notarized signature before providing an abortion to any patient younger than the age of 17, regardless of whether it would affect the child or if it was a case of rape or incest.

The third prohibited insurance companies from offering any and all health coverage for abortions. Furthmore, Brownback’s policies have completely blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving any funds.

In short? If you’re a woman, stay the Hell away from Kansas.

Brownback tried to completely eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission by executive order; however, the Kansas state legislature defied Brownback by restoring $689,000 in appropriations. Brownback responded by vetoing government funding for the Kansas Arts Commission in May 2011, making Kansas the first state to de-fund its arts agency. In a nation that already spends way too much time on sciences and is damn close to ignoring the humanities, completely eliminating the arts program of an entire state is an asinine and horrendous thing to accomplish.

That’s not the only terrible thing he’s done for education in his state, either. His executive actions allow school districts to hire unlicensed teachers for any and all science and mathematics classes. Not only that, he’s created tax breaks for corporations that donate any amount to private school scholarship funds!

In short? If you’re a student or a teacher, stay the Hell away from Kansas.

Rick Snyder; Michigan

The one you were all waiting for. The Tea Party puppet, the liar, the man who has literally killed babies due to his actions as Governor of Michigan. Do I really have to say it? THE FLINT WATER CRISIS.

For at least four years, from 2011 to 2015, Snyder appointed individuals as ‘Emergency Managers’ for the town of Flint, Michigan.

In 2014, one of these individuals — a man named Darnell Early — was responsible for changing the source of drinking water in the city to the Flint River, which has a deadly amount of trihalomethanes (TTHM) within it. The water was too corrosive, which basically leached poisonous lead out of the water pipes. It was then ingested by the people living within the city.

Why did this happen? Governor Snyder and his ‘Emergency Managers’ wanted to save money.

It’s a huge problem that people like Rick Snyder are allowed to remain in office while disasters like this occur. It’s a huge problem that people like Rick Snyder can get away with stuff like this. This city, under Snyder’s eye, has been completely devastated for generations to come.

Read More: The Flint Water Crisis Explained.

And there we have it! Ten of the Worst Governors in America. Did I miss your pick? Probably — there’s a lot of terrible executives at the state level these days. Follow me on Twitter @publishingminds!

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