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August 19, 2019

The Clark County Convention (where the Clinton Camp Cries)

Bernie Sanders won an amazing victory over Hillary Clinton during the long-awaited Clark County Democratic Convention, giving the Sanders camp a better chance of claiming and securing more national delegates despite losing the state’s caucuses, which were held in February. Read More: How did this happen?

Thousands of Democrats packed the Cashman Center for the party’s designated county convention, which is the first step in finally determining Nevada’s 43 delegates for the National Democratic Convention (which will occur in July). Although Clinton won the Nevada caucuses back in February, the Democratic Party only allocated a total of 23 delegates towards those results. The remaining 12 delegates will be determined proportionally based on the number of candidates that will attend the state convention in May. As expected from the Democratic Party, Nevada’s eight “super delegates” can do whatever the Hell they want regardless of what the people have asked for.

Sanders supporters outnumbered Clinton’s delegates by more or less than six hundred, taking a larger percentage of Clark County’s delegates attending the state convention in May.

What does this mean? The Sanders camp just made a huge jump in Nevada after all, reclaiming Clark County and the 75% of Democratic residents that reside within the county itself. Clinton may have won the primaries, but this Sanders change might just win him the state’s convention.

“This means we won Nevada,” — Nevada State Director for Bernie Sanders; Joan Kato

While it may seem like a huge victory for the Bernie Sanders crowd, we have to realize other county’s conventions are still rolling in and that Clinton has a four-to-one super delegate advantage in the state of Nevada, making this just a major step towards reclaiming lost votes in states that were questionable in electoral digits (Nevada, Arizona).

2,964 total delegates appeared for Sanders, and 2,386 came for Clinton on Saturday. The former Secretary of State won 4,889 total county delegates in February, but less than half that number appeared for the county convention.

This allowed the Sanders campaign to take a majority, as many of the alternative delegates swung for Bernie’s favor. That’s what happens when stuck up, “we got this, it’s in the bag” party members stay home when their job is not done.

The Clark County convention suffered many fall-backs as well. Long lines discouraged several potential witnesses and the Clinton campaign forced the credentials chair Christine Kramar from her post after claiming that the Sanders campaign had been released sensitive information about delegates.

Not too much else is known about that drama, but Kramar staged a sit-in as she denied all allegations against her. Despite the credentials chair being eliminated from the convention, Sanders still won a majority that will help the Sanders camp in May, when the Silver State holds their state-level convention.

Oh, and the reaction of some Hillary supporters at the Clark County Convention? Despicably childish.

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