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October 22, 2019

Here's the Advertisement That Made John Kasich Uncomfortable

When it comes to politics, candidates have to find methods to connect with voters. In the past sixty years, campaign advertisements have relatively stayed the same. When it comes to modern records, it’s incredibly easy to commit negative mudslinging against rival career politicians. John Kasich, the so-called moderate in this race, is no different.

Thus, advertisements have more or less turned into a way to put down the “other” candidate while boosting the appearance of the one purchasing said ads. It’s a…quite pathetic attempt at propaganda. Unless you’re Ted Cruz, then you’re the king of propaganda. For you Cruz fans, that’s not a good thing. A President shouldn’t focus on instilling fear into the public to be successful.

Although I personally “endorsed” the so-called moderate John Kasich before the New Hampshire primaries, we have to realize that in the currently fractured and crippled GOP has split off into what I’ve been calling the “Five Ring Republican Circus.” Instead of having a solidly backed conservative party, we’ve been seeing subdivisions pop up throughout the Republican institution.

After his horrendous abandonment at moderate behavior through defunding Planned Parenthood in his governing state of Ohio, John Kasich has found himself on a radical spectrum again. But, as seen with the Five Rings, moderate Republicans don’t seem to exist anymore  and if they do, they’re forced to merge with the failing establishment

In an effort to seem like the most sane candidate out there, John Kasich’s Super PAC has released an…awkward advertisement in an attempt to connect emotionally to voters. John Kasich, uncomfortable with the awkwardness within his own campaign’s advertisement, took it down.

So here it is: the advertisement that made John Kasich feel incredibly uncomfortable.

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