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October 22, 2019

Marco Rubio & The Case for Jeb Bush

I’m just getting real sick and tired of Marco Rubio.

That video is the PERFECT representation of EVERYTHING Rubio has EVER done. A worthless, short-circuited face-plant.

I’ve been saying this since day one, and I’ll keep saying it until he fades into political oblivion: Marco Rubio is a terrible, horrendously bad politician. He’s an empty suit, a shell of a man who does whatever the establishment hand up his rear tells him to do. He’s a terrible Senator, and he’s done absolutely nothing for my home state of Florida in the six years we’ve seen him in the Senate. I, personally, put several Republicans above him: including but not limited to Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Rand Paul…you’re starting to get the picture here. I don’t really like those guys, I just put them higher than Rubio. I think the only Republicans I’d put lower than Marco Rubio on my list are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and people like Mike Huckabee. If you like Marco Rubio, you’re one of three people. You’re either some college girl who likes him for his haircut and shoes, some conservative who’s not from Florida who doesn’t know his political history, or a member of the establishment who wants an easy puppet. Literally, go look at his support. Those are the three categories of his voting base. If there was a fourth category, it would be Christians who feel like they’re being prosecuted — but they’ve abandoned Rubio for Pastor-In-Chief Ted Cruz and Holy Doctor Ben Carson. It’s kind of a shame for the GOP, too, that those three categories launch him to the #3 spot in polls.

Jeb Bush may not be decent with debating and speaking, but at least he has the ability to get his word out there. He has some ideas, whether those may be good or bad, and has the ability to express himself in little ways here and there. He has a political history to be somewhat proud of in the state of Florida. If you ignore Common Core, most of what he did for Florida was, in a way, moderately Okay.

I remember being five or six years old when Hurricane Charlie happened. It was a media sensation, with people panicking and freaking out. Hurricanes do that in Florida, of course. But Jeb(!) Bush ended up doing speeches in both English and Spanish over the radios. Whether you like Jeb or not, that still should mean something to you. A man, despite how establishment-oriented he might be, in the GOP…actually acknowledging English and Spanish speakers within their state. A Republican who is willing to govern in the time of need.

But that’s besides the point. Marco Rubio hasn’t shown executive power. He’s barely shown legislative power. He’s been running for President since 2010 as the Do-Nothing-Senator in Florida. I’m tired of people @’ing me on Twitter and commenting on my site (some comments so ignorantly pro-Rubio I’ve deleted them because they were horribly misspelled and linked to random Bible Study sites) talking about how “great” Can’t-Debate-Without-Repeating-The-Same-Thing-Eighty-Times and Needs-Water-Before-He-Can-Continue Marco Rubio is.

I’ve looked at him for six years in Florida.

You know what he is?

A failure. Just like most of the GOP.

As for Jeb Bush? I’ve never seen an advertisement I’ve agreed with more from a Republican candidate. I disagree completely with the “Took FL Schools From Worst to Among Best” point, because I went through the Florida public education system. But, the rest? Pretty accurate, for a Republican:

Marco Rubio VS Jeb Bush

So keep on smiling, Rubio. Keep on smiling and acting like you know what you’re doing.

You have to realize that you’re not a good politician.

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