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October 22, 2019

Rand Paul’s Pathetic Campaign

Rand Paul, a libertarian Senator from Kentucky, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination on April 7th, 2015, making him the second conservative candidate to jump into the race (wedged between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, making him the meat of a boneheaded sandwich).

And guess what? He is currently polling at around zero percent in the Republican primaries. Alright, lets give him some credit — he’s keeping steady at a national average somewhere around 3%, albeit national numbers like rounding up or down. This means, until recently (December 2015), dunces like Mike Huckabee are actually polling higher than him.

The reasons? Well, Rand Paul really hasn’t shown any confidence on his abilities during his campaign. All he’s done is argue and pick fights with literally almost every Republican presidential candidate. Sure, we have rivalries forming up quickly (Bush and Trump, for example), but Rand Paul seems to just be taking random, wild swings at just about everyone in an attempt to be noticed. He tries to hid his libertarian side in debates and interviews, as well, further isolating himself from his own political spectrum.

rand_paul_cartoon_ben_garrisonIn the first debate, Rand Paul and Chris Christie both acted like children. Of course, Chris Christie was lying through his answers (he claimed George W. Bush appointed him as US Attorney on September 10th, 2001 when in fact he wasn’t until January the following year), but the quick and dramatic blows against the New England Mobster-esque candidate really resonated with possible voters.

No questions were really answered; and a lot of smoke was blown over the questions. The political cartoon seen to the left really does sum up their argument. Not to mention Rand Paul’s first words in the debate were nothing more but a randomized clash against Donald Trump. This would later bite him in the ass, a political revenge would spite him in Donald Trump’s opening question in the second debate.

Furthermore, he took shots at Marco Rubio, by stating that Americans were “really lucky” that he (Rubio) wasn’t president during the Cold War by using his limited knowledge on politics and foreign policy.

Now, recently, Rand Paul began bashing candidates outside his own political realm. Unable to make a spark with his voter clientele by arguing with Republicans, Rand took a shot at a Democrat besides Hillary Clinton (who has been the official scapegoat to most other Republicans). This time, Rand’s focus was on Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist from Vermont. In the following video, you’ll see how Rand Paul obviously doesn’t understand the political spectrum of global politics.

The man who many proclaim to be a more moderate candidate in a Five Ring Republican Circus has done nothing more but argue with literally everyone he’s met. In an attempt to explain his opinions and stances, he’s cut ties with his own party and shown just how unaware he is at political classifications.

He’s also trying to focus on the wrong aspects of a campaign: having Twitter-focused campaigns such as his terrible New Years Resolution jokes (which were fruitless attempts to bash his competitors) and his #Festivus celebration.

It’s a bit of a shame. He’s attempting to be a Donald Trump — someone who ignorantly attacks everything while shadowing problems with shitty gimmicks and political memes — but he’s lacking in the polls because of it.

Creepy libertarians don’t get votes easily, as Gary Johnson has proven time and time again, and Rand Paul is proving it.

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